What is Bluegrass? The History & Evolution of Appalachian Music

What is Bluegrass

[Updated on September 18, 2023] The Appalachian Mountains encompass a massive portion of the United States. They span 420 counties in 13 states, with foothills as far south as Alabama and all the up into New York State. Before the arrival of Europeans, the region was home to numerous indigenous tribes, including the Cherokee, Iroquois, Powhatan, … Read more

20 Incredible Places To See the Blue Ridge Mountains in Fall

Blue Ridge Mountains Fall NC Grandfather Mountain

As the sweltering days of Summer say their goodbyes, the nights and mornings get a little cooler, and the promise of changing leaves in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Fall is tantalizingly close.    Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains (as we do) offers year-round treats, from Spring blossoms and Summer wildflowers to Winter wonderlands.   … Read more

The 10 Best Weekend Getaways in Georgia

Best Weekend Getaways in Georgia

I’ve lived in the state of Georgia for 50+ years now, so it’s safe to say I’ve visited most of the best Georgia vacation spots at least once. When I was a kid, my family’s Georgia vacations were largely limited to campgrounds in Georgia State Parks. But we did spend a memorable weekend hiking 14 … Read more

101+ Things to Do in North Georgia


[Updated September 6. 2023] Between the charming mountain towns, rolling mountains, and breathtaking scenery, there are lots of things to do in North Georgia with an adventure for everyone. Its unique location at the southern terminus of the Blue Ridge Mountains and mild climate allows for year long explorations of stunning terrain and a rich … Read more

The 10 Best Mountain Resorts in GA to Visit

resorts North Georgia - Brasstown Valley Resort

Growing up in Atlanta, my family never had enough money to visit the many mountain resorts in North Georgia. So instead we tended to stay in campgrounds, and particularly those in the North Georgia State Parks. But by the time I reached my early 20s, staying at resorts in the Georgia mountains became a more affordable … Read more

The 10 Best Places for Apple Picking in Atlanta to Visit

Apple Picking in Atlanta

When you mention the State of Georgia, peach trees are usually the first thing that springs to mind for most people.   But apples make it pretty big on the North Georgia fruit-picking scene, too!   While there’s not technically any apple picking in Atlanta proper, the cool air and fertile soil of Georgia’s Blue … Read more

The 20 Best Historic Sites in Georgia to Visit

Wormsloe State Historic Sites in GA entrance

[Updated August 23, 2023] Established as the fourth state after ratifying the United States Constitution in 1788, Georgia has a rich and diverse state history. The state is known for its sprawling oak trees in Savannah, rolling Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia, and a largely agriculture-based economy.  English philanthropist James Oglethorpe first settled the state of … Read more

The 45 Best North Georgia Cabin Rentals

North Georgia Cabins to Rent

[Updated 8/22/23] North Georgia’s mild climate and prime location at the southern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains allows for enjoyable getaways at just about any time of the year.  Spring is great for spotting wildflowers. In summer you can hike to North Georgia waterfalls or take a dip in one of the beautiful lakes. Autumn brings Fall colors and Fall … Read more

30 Fun Facts About Appalachian Scots-Irish History & Culture

Scottish Pipe Band at Appalachian Scots-Irish Festival in Blairsville GA

“O Bessie Bell and Mary Gray, they were two bonnie lasses…” Written by a long-forgotten author in the 1700s, this poem memorializes a haunting tale from Scotland about two young cousins who succumbed to the black plague. There are countless other poems, songs, and stories that were brought to America by the Scots-Irish people.   … Read more