10 Best Plaza Midwood Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Plaza Midwood, a neighborhood just southeast of Uptown Charlotte NC, is one of the fastest growing (and fastest changing) areas of the Queen City.

As a longtime local resident, it is also one of my personal favorites!

I love to explore Charlotte’s eclectic and culturally diverse neighborhoods, with their always intriguing mix of new and old, contemporary and traditional side-by-side. 

The rich mixture of trendy boutiques, arts and music, public parks, and walkable distances make Plaza Midwood a great destination for residents and visitors alike.

And let’s not forget the restaurants! For diehard foodies like me, the diverse array of restaurants in Plaza Midwood makes it a gourmand’s paradise. 

Fine Dining? Check. 1950s-style diner? Check. Wine bars? Dive bars? Perfect North Carolina BBQ located right next to an energetic Cuban dining hub? Check, check, and check.

Read on for our in-depth guide to the 10 best Plaza Midwood restaurants in Charlotte NC, including my personal favorite places to eat in Plaza Midwood for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. 

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Best Plaza Midwood Restaurants Guide

  1. Giddy Goat Coffee Roasters
  2. The Workman’s Friend
  3. Zada Jane’s Corner Café
  4. The Good Wurst Co.
  5. Tacos El Nevado
  6. Yafo Kitchen
  7. Intermezzo Pizzeria and Café
  8. Bistro La Bon
  9. Que Onda Tacos and Tequila
  10. Cold Hearted Gelato

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Best Breakfast in Plaza Midwood

Burrito and empanada at Giddy Goat Coffee Roasters in Plaza Midwood, Charlotte NC
Burrito and empanada at Giddy Goat Coffee Roasters

1. Giddy Goat Coffee Roasters

1217 The Plaza, Charlotte NC • [email protected]Official Website

HOURS: Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat & Sun 7AM-6PM; Tue & Fri 7AM-10PM

Giddy Goat Coffee Roasters offers a full slate of world-class coffees and coffee drinks with house-roasted beans.

That might be enough for some folks to visit this inviting coffee mecca just off Central Avenue. But it’s the food that keeps me coming back for more.

Yes, there are the requisite scones– Blueberry Lemon is my personal favorite– and croissants (try the Dulce De Leche Croissant). But the must-try dish here is their delicious empanadas and breakfast burritos.

The empanadas feature tender, flaky pastry around tasty fillings, and come with a dipping sauce of your choice (I love the Chimichurri). Their burritos wrap a lightly toasted tortilla around typical breakfast fare of eggs, potatoes, and veggies.

Giddy Goat is a community hub and meeting space, so go early if you want to snag a picnic table outside. This is perhaps the best seat in the house in all of Plaza Midwood.

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Plaza Midwood Lunch
Dining at the bar at Workman’s Friend

2. The Workman’s Friend

1531 Central Avenue, Charlotte NC • (980) 224-8234 • Official Website

HOURS: Mon to Thu 3PM-2AM; Fri 11AM-2AM: Sat & Sun 10AM-2AM

As a traditional Irish pub in the heart of Plaza Midwood, The Workman’s Friend might seem out of place on this list of great places to eat in Charlotte.

Its open-air bar is often filled with the after-work and weekend party crowd draining pints of Guinness. And it is one of my favorite places in Plaza Midwood to grab a beer and gather with friends.

But behind the dark wood paneling and softly lit pub ambiance lies a true gem for weekend brunch in Charlotte.

Think traditional Irish Breakfast, with rashers of bacon, baked beans, and white AND black pudding. Think Boxty Benedict, hearty Irish potato pancakes with whole grain mustard hollandaise. Think outstanding Shepherd’s Pie, or crisp Fish & Chips.

If your preference is for something sweet, the Blueberry Lemon Waffle is bursting with flavors of berries and citrus. The food here is superb, and the setting is arguably even better.

Workman’s Friend opens at 10AM on weekends. The later you go, the less chance you have of grabbing a table, especially on college football game days. In short, it’s a go-to spot during the fall in North Carolina!

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Patio at Zada Janes Restaurant in Plaza Midwood, Charlotte NC
Patio dining at Zada Jane’s

3. Zada Jane’s Corner Café

1601 Central Avenue, Charlotte NC • (704) 332-3663 • Official Website

HOURS: Wed to Fri 8AM-3PM; Sat & Sun 8AM-4PM

Zada Jane’s Corner Café offers a relaxed breakfast spot amongst the hustle and bustle of Plaza Midwood, and it’s one of my favorite restaurants for a hearty weekend breakfast.

The food is eclectic, while the décor hearkens back to the 1970s (despite the fact that Zada Jane’s opened in 2008).

Their green cinder block building, with its faded sign, is outlined by a sizable outdoor patio with a shuffleboard area. That’s not a bad thing– it’s a signature thing!  

If you’re looking for breakfast in Plaza Midwood, that’s really the main attraction here.

Fluffy biscuits, pancakes, and Cinnabuns dot the menu. But the food can turn more serious with terrific omelets and specialties like Avocado Toast, Billy Jack Grits, and Bunny Rancheros. 

Whatever you do, don’t miss the sweet potato hash browns. You can get them as a side dish, but I love their starring role in Booker T’s East Side Hasher.

There’s also a full coffee bar of espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes to round out this perfect Charlotte breakfast spot.

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Best Lunch in Plaza Midwood

Charlotte restaurants Plaza Midwood Good Wurst Co.
Currywurst Fries and a Reuben at Good Wurst Co.

4. The Good Wurst Co.

3001 Central Avenue, Charlotte NC • (980) 613-8226 • Official Website

HOURS: Mon to Sat 8AM-8PM; Sun 8AM-5PM

The Good Wurst Co. is definitely not for vegans… or for the faint of heart. To be blunt, it is not for the meat-phobic.

This classic spot is located a bit further along Central Avenue from Uptown Charlotte, and it’s the perfect place for anyone craving for a great hot dog or other tasty sausage. Or a Reuben. Or corned beef. 

Patrons can either grab a to-go order from the outside window or order at the counter and dine in the tidy (but tiny) restaurant sitting area inside.

Their sausage menu is divine. House-made bratwurst, Italian sausage, and kielbasa all come with a variety of fixings, including free toppings (such as sauerkraut, coleslaw, Russian dressing, etc). 

If you’re in the mood for a culinary adventure, try “fancy dancy” toppings such as spicy peanut sauce, kimchi, mushroom schnitzel gravy, or smoked jalapeños for a modest upcharge.

There are also hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, latkes and Montreal bagels, and even a wedge salad. But really, why would you ignore the sausage when it’s so clearly the star of the show?

You can order a side of hot and crispy Belgian Fries to go with your wurst, whether you prefer them naked, with gravy (mushroom schnitzel), or with pastrami crumbles.

But those in the know tend to prefer the Currywurst Fries with a fried egg on top. It’s a mesmerizing foodie experience!

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Plaza Midwood Food -Tacos El Nevado
Tacos El Nevado, photo via Facebook

5. Tacos El Nevado

4715 Central Avenue, Charlotte NC • (704) 563-4667 • Official Website

HOURS: Mon to Sun 10AM-10PM

Tacos El Nevado offers that authentic taco truck taste with the comfort of sit-down restaurants.

Though it’s located at the far end of Plaza Midwood, 10 minutes from Uptown Charlotte, the restaurant is well worth the drive to savor the stunning array of taco possibilities.

For only $3 each, you can have tacos filled with tasty asada, barbacoa, chorizo, al pastor, campechano, chicharron, carnitas, or even a tender lengua. Each comes with the requisite chopped onions and cilantro inside perfectly textured local tortillas.

Don’t miss the available sauces, which include a creamy avocado, a fiery red, and a spicy green.

If tacos aren’t your thing, look towards the fantastic tortas or the tasty huaraches, which are available with your choice of meat and toppings. Also, don’t pass on the house made agua frescas, which come in a variety of delightful flavors.

Menudo, the traditional Mexican soup also known as pancita or mole de panza (“stomach sauce”), is only available on Saturday and Sundays. Go for an early lunch in Plaza Midwood to avoid missing out!

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Plaza Midwood Charlotte restaurants - Yafo Kitchen on Central Avenue
Yafo Kitchen on Central Avenue

6. Yafo’s Kitchen

1331 Central Avenue, Suite 101 Charlotte NC • (980) 224-8007 • Official Website

HOURS: Mon to Sun 11AM-9PM

Yafo’s Kitchen’s Plaza Midwood restaurant is one of three locations currently dotted around Charlotte.

But make no mistake, this “fast casual Middle Eastern street food concept” is destined for more restaurants once word gets out.

Your dining choices are to build a bowl or pita, or to choose from featured entrees like succulent Steak Kabobs, savory Spanakopita, or moist Rotisserie Chicken with sides.

The entrees at Yafo’s are terrific, but my recommendation is to go for the bowl. Think Chipotle, but better and with Mediterranean options (hummus, jasmine rice, falafel, spicy meats, chickpeas, feta, etc).

You can top it off with a selection of carefully crafted sauces– including lemon tahini, green schug, or harissa yogurt– and you have a fabulous and filling meal.

Yafo’s Kitchen serves a crowd well, and might just be my favorite place to pick up for a potluck. 

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Best Dinner in Plaza Midwood

Pizza at Intermezzo Pizzeria in Plaza Midwood, Charlotte NC
Photo courtesy Intermezzo Pizzeria

7. Intermezzo Pizzeria & Cafe

1427 East 10th Street, Charlotte NC • (704) 347-2626 • Official Website

HOURS: Mon to Thu 4PM-10PM;  Sat  12PM-11PM; Sun 12PM-10PM

Intermezzo Pizzeria & Café sits at the north end of Central Avenue, which is generally considered to be the entrance to the Plaza Midwood neighborhood as you move out of Uptown Charlotte.

Located in a nondescript building across from a tattoo parlor and coffee shop, the restaurant is fronted by a terrific patio.

In my experience, it’s a perfect place for people-watching, and offers an unencumbered view of the Downtown Charlotte skyline.

It’s the also the perfect spot to enjoy crispy thin crust pizza and hearty pastas. But peruse the menu a bit more and you’ll also find traditional Serbian dishes like Shopska Salad, Sarma (Cabbage Rolls), and Piroska (Balkan-style stuffed pizza).

Step inside the restaurant’s cozy interior to enjoy a full bar and an excellent (and excellently priced) wine list. Intermezzo is really the perfect neighborhood spot for a weeknight respite.

Go on Wednesday night for half-price bottles of wine, which pair perfectly with the Chicken Florentine Pizza or the Prosciutto & Mushroom Pasta. We recommend finishing the meal with a scrumptious Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Crepe!

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plaza midwood charlotte restaurants
Bistro La Bon, photo via Facebook

8. Bistro La Bon

1322 Central Avenue, Charlotte NC • (704) 333-4646 • Official Website

HOURS: Tue to Thu 4:30PM-10PM;  Fri 4:30PM-11PM; Sat 10AM-2PM & 5PM to 11PM; Sun 10AM-2:30PM

Bistro La Bon bills itself as a “modern European restaurant.” But I’d say it’s also the best kept secret in Plaza Midwood, and an incredible value for an outstanding date night in Charlotte.

The restaurant is tucked into the corner of a strip mall on Central Avenue, beneath the omnipresent construction cranes in Plaza Midwood. A brick exterior belies a festive and funky interior where the seats, tables, and dinnerware never seem to match.

Top-notch entrees such as Veggie Risotto, Salmon, and Duck dot the menu, but most people come for the tapas-like small plates. The shared-meal approach works great for date nights and celebrations.

We love to mix and match seafood dishes like Seared Sea Scallops and Sesame Tuna with Charcuterie, Pork Belly, and/or Lamb Chops. They also have exquisite salads (Roasted Beet, Burrata Caprese) and veggies (Brussels Sprouts, Zucchini Fritters).

Servers are happy to help pair dishes with a top-notch cocktail or one of their abundant selection of wines by the glass.

If you’re looking for brunch in Charlotte, Saturday is a la carte while Sunday is all you can eat. From Eggs Benedict to the Classic Mimosa, it’s a great way to spend a weekend morning!

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Plaza Midwood Dinner
The dining room at Que Onda

9. Que Onda Tacos and Tequila

1518 Central Avenue, Charlotte NC • (704) 910-0786 • Official Website

HOURS: Tue to Thu 11AM-10PM; Fri & Sat 11AM-11PM; Sun 11AM-9PM

Que Onda Tacos & Tequila recently opened its first Plaza Midwood outpost after landing spots in Uptown Charlotte and 3 other suburban North Carolina locations.

One of the more upscale restaurants in the heart of Plaza Midwood, this Mexican eatery is already a popular landing spot for local revelers.

It’s already known for its outstanding variety of street tacos (see: Coca Cola Carnitas, Birria, Al Pastor, Brussels Sprouts) and tasting flights of tequilas.

But Que Onda also offers traditional and tasty versions of classic Mexican dishes such as Enchiladas, Chile Rellenos, Carne Asada, and Burritos.

Begin your meal with lightly warmed, thinly crisp tortilla chips and homemade salsa, but be sure to leave room for a dessert of Tres Leches Cake or Loaded Churros.

Visit the restaurant on a Thursday night for discounted Fajitas (one order is easily enough for two) and Margaritas. And whatever you do, DO NOT miss the yucca fries!

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Best Dessert in Plaza Midwood

Best Plaza Midwood Restaurants Dessert - Cold Hearted Gelato
Cold Hearted Gelato, photo via Instagram

 10. Cold Hearted Gelato 

1308-A The Plaza, Charlotte NC • (980) 335-2120 • Official Website

HOURS: Mon 1PM-10PM; Wed & Thu 1PM-10PM; Fri 1PM-11PM; Sat 11AM-11PM; Sun 11AM-10PM

Cold Hearted Gelato is the perfect dessert ending to your Plaza Midwood dining experience. 

The place ppened in the summer of 2022, and the curious, playful flavors of Chef Elinn’s creations are simply not to be missed.

Their sleek, minimalist interior has little seating, which is somehow reminiscent of Scandinavia or Japan. It sits in stark contrast to its strip mall neighbors, which include a sushi bistro, a hot chicken sandwich shop, and a fitness studio.

But the spartan space allows visitors to focus on the silky textures and stunning flavor combinations of the gelato.

Patrons can request a bowl or a homemade waffle cone, but note that a “single” always includes two scoops (which is better if you want to sample the rotating choices with each visit).

My advice is to ALWAYS include the Fior di Latte (one of just four standard choices that do not change). The salty and sweet flavors pair well with… well, just about anything.  -text and photos by Travis Feezell unless otherwise noted


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