The 15 Best Virginia Waterfalls for Hiking

Waterfalls in Virginia- Upper Crabtree Falls

Once you start digging into all the different Virginia waterfalls, you’ll quickly realize that there are far too many Virginia hikes with waterfalls to possibly see them all in one trip. It would be difficult just to see all the best waterfalls in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park during a single getaway, or to visit the … Read more

Where are the Blue Ridge Mountains? A State-by-State Guide

Blue Ridge Mountains North Carolina - Sunset at Jump Off Rock in Hendersonville NC

“Where are the Blue Ridge Mountains?” is a question we get fairly often, and it’s understandable why so many people are confused by the geographical definition of the region.  Stretching 550 miles from North Georgia to Southern Pennsylvania, the Blue Ridge Mountain range is part of the larger Appalachian Mountain range. So all Blue Ridge … Read more

The 10 Best Campgrounds in Virginia

camping Virginia

The state of Virginia is blessed with a splendid selection of landscapes to explore, from the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Dismal Swamp to Virginia Beach.  Nothing makes me feel immersed in the natural beauty of these beautiful Virginia attractions quite like camping. I love watching the light change throughout the day, the sensation of cool morning … Read more

20 Beautiful Birds of Virginia

Barn Owl in Virginia

There are nearly 500 species of birds in Virginia, including native species and migratory visitors. For fans of the feather– whether novices or serious birders– that makes for a lot of Virginia birds to spot. Home to 41 state parks, 22 national parks, and over 1.6 million acres of national forests, the state of Virginia … Read more

Visiting the Peaks of Otter Lodge & Campground in Bedford VA

Peaks of Otter Lodge & Abbott Lake in Bedford VA

We’ve been fortunate enough to drive the entire 469-mile length of the Blue Ridge Parkway several times over the past two years. And though the world-famous scenic route boasts plenty of highlights, the Peaks of Otter (Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 86) stands out among our favorite BRP attractions. Located 11 miles north of Bedford VA … Read more

10 Best Virginia Mountain Towns to Visit

Downtown Lexington VA

The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains stretch approximately 550 miles, from North Georgia to southern Pennsylvania. But the State of Virginia is home to 300+ linear miles of mountains, which cover the western side of the state from Bristol north to Winchester. Within the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia you’ll find a stellar array of attractions, including Shenandoah … Read more

30 Fun Facts About Virginia State History and Culture

Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway in VA b

The state of Virginia packs seemingly endless natural beauty and historic sites into its 42,775 square miles, including the Jamestown Settlement and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Add to that the state’s rich culinary, local music, and visual art scenes, and you have a wealth of fascinating and fun facts about Virginia to discover.  Founded in 1788, this … Read more