What is Bluegrass? The History & Evolution of Appalachian Music

What is Bluegrass

[Updated on September 18, 2023] The Appalachian Mountains encompass a massive portion of the United States. They span 420 counties in 13 states, with foothills as far south as Alabama and all the up into New York State. Before the arrival of Europeans, the region was home to numerous indigenous tribes, including the Cherokee, Iroquois, Powhatan, … Read more

The Appalachian Legend of the Mothman in Point Pleasant WV

Mothman West Virginia

On November 15, 1966, two terrified young couples came screaming from the forest in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Little did they know that their frightening encounter that night would spark an international fascination with an unnerving, supernatural creature akin to Bigfoot and the Bell Witch haunting in Tennessee. The Mothman of West Virginia was described as … Read more

White Water Rafting in WV: A New River Gorge Family Adventure

White Water Rafting New River Gorge West Virginia

In the years leading up to my daughter leaving home for college, I became increasingly conscious of time. The 18 summers we have with our kids seemed to pass all too quickly, leaving us precious few moments to establish strong bonds we hope will last a lifetime. So the timing of our trip to the … Read more