The 20 Best Things to Do in Dahlonega GA & Lumpkin County

Carriage Ride in downtown Dahlonega GA

[Updated April 10, 2023] Back in 1828 (21 years before the famed California gold rush), thousands of prospectors descended upon the town of Dahlonega, Georgia in search of their fortune. Located in the heart of North Georgia’s Cherokee Indian territory, Dahlonega grew like wildfire in the wake of this frenzied mining activity. A U.S. Branch … Read more

The 20 Best Cabin Rentals in Dahlonega GA

Cabin Rentals in Dahlonega GA

[Updated March 16, 2023] Originally best known as the site of the 1828 Georgia Gold Rush, Dahlonega has since become a major tourism hotspot in the North Georgia Mountains. Although it’s a relatively small town of around 7,500 residents, its diverse array of shops, restaurants, wineries, and historical attractions draws visitors all year-round. Dahlonega also … Read more

10 Ways to Celebrate Old Fashioned Christmas in Dahlonega GA

Horse Drawn Carriage Rides in Dahlonega GA for Old Fashioned Christmas

[Updated on November 20, 2023] Widely regarded as one of the best places in the North Georgia mountains to live, Dahlonega GA is one of those old-timey small towns that visitors often compare to Mayberry. It originally grew out of the gold mining boom of the early 19th century, when the Georgia gold rush brought thousands of … Read more

North Georgia Christmas Tree Farms Where You Can Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

North Georgia Christmas Tree Farms

[Updated November 20, 2023]   After the Fall Colors in North Georgia Mountains have faded, there’s nothing quite like rounding up the family and going to one of the many Christmas tree farms in Georgia. As you explore rows and rows of bright green trees and breathe in the crisp aromas of pine and cedar, … Read more

Visiting the Dahlonega Gold Museum in Dahlonega GA

Dahlonega Gold Museum in Dahlonega GA

Located in the mountain town of Dahlonega, the Dahlonega Gold Museum State Historic Site chronicles the discovery of gold in Georgia and the pivotal role it played in the history of Georgia.  Gold was first discovered in Lumpkin County in 1828, and it triggered the first major gold rush in the country by 1829. (There … Read more

How Gold Mining in Georgia Led to Land Lotteries & the Trail of Tears

Gold Mining in Georgia

In the late 1820s, gold was discovered in North Georgia near the mountain towns of Dahlonega and Helen. This discovery– the first major gold rush in the US (after a smaller discovery in North Carolina)– led to an influx of prospectors, all looking to find their fortune by gold mining in Georgia.  The Georgia Gold Rush lasted for … Read more

15 Award-Winning North Georgia Wines Worth Tasting

North Georgia Wines

All across the North Georgia mountains, you can find rolling hills, lush forest, and an outstanding assortment of eye-catching waterfalls. To some people’s surprise, you can also find an array of superb vineyards and wineries, many of which are less than an hour from metro Atlanta. Thanks to the region’s unique climate and geography, wine … Read more

8 Great Wineries in Dahlonega GA

Dahlonega Winery

One of the oldest Blue Ridge Mountain towns in Georgia, Dahlonega has grown into a major tourism hotspot in the North Georgia mountains. Originally best known as the site of the 1828 Georgia Gold Rush, Dahlonega is now beloved for its diverse array of outdoor activities, historical attractions, festivals, shops, restaurants, and wineries! It’s also … Read more

Pet-Friendly Cabins at Forrest Hills Resort in Dahlonega GA

Interior of Forrest Hills Resort Cabins in Dahlonega GA

From the historic Smith House Inn and Old Storehouse Inn to Barefoot Hills and the Mountain Laurel Creek Inn & Spa, there are lots of different hotels in Dahlonega GA for visitors to choose from.  But for our money, the Forrest Hills Mountain Resort & Conference Center ranks among the best places to stay in … Read more

The 7 Best Restaurants in Dahlonega GA for Foodies

Montaluce Winery and Restaurant

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains about 25 miles southwest of Helen, Dahlonega is one of the oldest mountain towns in North Georgia.  The small town of around 7,500 residents is best known as the site of the 1828 Georgia gold rush, which predated the California gold rush by 21 years and … Read more