The 10 Best Places for Apple Picking in Atlanta to Visit

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When you mention the State of Georgia, peach trees are usually the first thing that springs to mind for most people.
But apples make it pretty big on the North Georgia fruit-picking scene, too!
While there’s not technically any apple picking in Atlanta proper, the cool air and fertile soil of Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains are just an hour north of the Metro Atlanta area.
There are more than a dozen apple orchards in North Georgia that offer a chance to pick-your-own apples, as well as enjoy a day of family fun. Many of the best Atlanta apple-picking experiences include so much more.
Georgia farm owners generally want guests to spend their day surrounded by magical North Georgia mountains, making the most of good, old fashioned outdoor fun.
Some of our favorite apple orchards in North GA offer picnic packages, hayrides, and corn mazes, while others tempt you with baked treats and other apple-based products.
So when is peak apple season in Georgia? It really depends on the types of apple you want.
Most Georgia apples come in season from mid-August through Autumn. Your best bet is to contact the apple orchards in GA you want to visit and ask them what varieties are currently available.
Read on for our in-depth guide to North GA apple orchards near Atlanta, which has info on their location, history, activities, and other details to help you plan your Atlanta apple-picking adventure!

Apple Picking in Atlanta (& Nearby) Guide

(Arranged Alphabetically)

  1. Aaron Family Orchards
  2. B.J. Reece Apple House and Orchard
  3. The Folk Collaborative
  4. Hillcrest Orchard
  5. Hillside Orchard Farms
  6. Jaemor Farm
  7. Mercier Orchards
  8. Payne’s Apple Orchard
  9. R & A Orchards
  10. Red Apple Barn

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Aaron Family Orchards - apple picking atlanta
Photo courtesy of Aaron Family Orchards

1. Aaron Family Orchards

8350 Hwy 52E, Ellijay GA • 706-273-3180 

Official Website

The building now known as Aaron’s Apple House was constructed in 1938 as a place to sell wholesale and retail goods from the farm.

Since then, the property has been passed down multiple times and is now run by the third generation of the Aaron family.

Though there is not a you-pick option available at this Ellijay GA apple orchard, there are over a dozen varieties of pre-picked apples you can buy.

The Aaron family invites you to stick around and enjoy this beautiful apple orchard near Atlanta, explore its surroundings, and take some time to wander around their farm shop.

There you can get your hands on all kinds of delicious treats, such as jams, jellies, apple butter, apple sauce, apple chutney, apple relish, and fresh-pressed apple cider. 

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BJ Reece Apple House and Orchards in Ellijay GA
Photo courtesy BJ Reece Apple House and Orchards

2. B.J. Reece Apple House and Orchard

9131 Highway 52 East, Ellijay GA • 706-276-3048

Official Website

Family-owned since the 1960s, the B.J. Reece Apple House is located in the most stunning setting, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Head on over to this Ellijay GA orchard for some fun harvesting you-pick-apples with the whole family.

There are over 20 different varieties of apples to choose from, all grown right on one of the most popular apple farms in Georgia.

Once you have your bags full of apples, stick around on weekends for festivities ranging from wagon rides and rides on the cow train to taking turns on the farm slide and shooting the apple cannon.

If you work up an appetite, you can try some of the Apple House’s delicious fried apple pies and apple cider donuts. Don’t forget to stop by their market to stock up on goodies before you leave!

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Georgia apple orchards - The Folk Collective
Photo courtesy of The Folk Collective

3. The Folk Collaborative

2984 Mobile Road, McCaysville GA • 706-492-7753

Official Website

The Folk Collaborative is one of the most beloved apple orchards in Georgia, but they offer so much more.

Located near the border of Georgia and Tennessee, this apple orchard near Blue Ridge GA offers you-pick apples and tractor rides down to the orchard. 

This 20-minute ride allows you to enjoy the surrounding vistas, but a 45-minute ride will have you learning all about the history of the family-run farm. 

The Folk Collaborative also offers a wonderful picnic experience under the trees of the orchard, where you’ll be provided with a picnic basket full of goodies, a blanket, and some beverages.

There are opportunities to enjoy campfires, camp food, Appalachian music, and storytelling at this amazing North Georgia apple-picking place. They also offer yoga classes and outdoor movie nights. 

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Hillcrest Orchards in Ellijay GA
Photo courtesy Hillcrest Orchards

4. Hillcrest Orchard

9696 Hwy. 52 East, Ellijay GA • 706-273-3838

Official Website

This long-standing apple orchard in Ellijay GA has been growing apples since 1946. They offer you-pick apples and a bunch of other fun activities to keep kids (and their parents) busy.

Visitors can have a go at navigating their way around the apple maze, or take rides on the hay wagon, cow train, and/or pedal carts.

There’s also a jumping pillow and a number of playgrounds to help kids burn off some energy.

If you make it to the orchard on weekends in September and October, you can experience the Apple Pickin’ Jubilee, with live music, carnival food, and all the apple picking in Georgia your heart (and stomach) desires. 

Before you leave, swing by their market and bakery and get your fill of local goodies and delicious fried apple treats. 

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Apple farms in GA - Hillside Orchard Farms
Photo courtesy of Hillside Orchard Farms

5. Hillside Orchard Farms

18 Sorghum Mill Dr, Lakemont GA • 706-782-2776

Official Website

Visitors are encouraged to spend a day at this apple orchard near Clayton GA to enjoy all the fun activities Autumn has to offer.

You can wander around the farm, try your luck at indoor gem mining, or hang out at the playground. 

Hillside Orchard Farms features you-pick apples as well as a corn maze, a train ride, and hayrides around this 100-acre farm.

In addition to their apple picking in GA adventure, they also have many other fruits available for purchase throughout the year. 

Their Hillside bakery is constantly making bread, fried apple pies, and fritters, and they produce over 700 different types of jam, jelly, and cider!

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apple orchards in Georgia - Jaemor Farm
Photo courtesy of Jaemor Farm

6. Jaemor Farm

5340 Cornelia Highway, Alto GA • 770-869-3999

Official Website

Run by the Jaemor family for six generations, this apple orchard in Georgia was founded in 1912, and now offers much more than just apples. 

Located in Alto Ga near the Schoolbus Graveyard, the Jaemor Orchard grows two types of apples and typically offers you-pick options. Unfortunately they will not be offering apple picking for the 2023 season. 

They do offer other apple varieties grown on nearby orchards, and sell them at their roadside market.

There are Jaemor Farm tours and field trips available, as well as a chance to try homemade goodies such as apple-fried pies, apple cider doughnuts, apple jelly, and jam.  

Keep your eyes peeled for details on their “Night Out on the Farm.” This adults-only event allows grownups to explore the farm, tackle the maze, play farm games, pick pumpkins, and enjoy live music and food trucks. 

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Apple Picking at Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, GA
Apple Picking at Mercier Orchard, photo by Bret Love 

7. Mercier Orchards

8660 Blue Ridge Dr, Blue Ridge GA • 706-632-3411

Official Website

One of the most popular North Georgia apple orchards, Mercier is a beloved Blue Ridge GA orchard that sits on 300 acres of stunning land surrounded by the North Georgia Mountains.

Guests go on a wagon ride to the orchard, where they’re d given all the apple picking info they need. But there’s a lot of other fun things to do at Mercier Orchards. 

Depending on the time of year you visit, they also offer “you pick” strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, and flowers. 

Their farm market features clothes, gift baskets, toys, butters, jams, and jellies. There’s also a bakery (try the apple cider donuts and fried pies), a candy kitchen (candied apples), and one of our favorite Blue Ridge GA restaurants!

If you still have time for more adventures, check out their North Georgia winery, where you can try some of their hard cider and delicious Georgia wines

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apple picking farms - Paynes Apple Orchard
Photo courtesy of Payne’s Apple Orchard

8. Payne’s Apple Orchard

326 Tankersley Ln, Epworth GA • 706-633-7185

Official Website

This apple orchard can be found in Epworth GA, a lesser-known small town located in between Blue Ridge and McCaysville.

The second generation of the Payne family now owns and runs the apple orchard on land that has been in the family for decades.

This orchard specializes in older, more traditional varieties of Georgia apples, including Grimes Golden, Yates, and Arkansas Black.

Though there is no “you-pick” opportunity here, the owners run their business on an honor system. So customers can choose their own apples and leave the money in a box outside. 

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for the latest information about which fruits are ripe and ready for you to pick up. 

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apple picking in North Georgia - R & A Orchards
Photo courtesy of R & A Orchards

9. R & A Orchards

5505 GA-52, Ellijay GA706-273-3821

Official Website

For more great apple picking in Ellijay, head over to R & A Orchards.

They’ve been growing fruits and veggies on 160 acres of land for 70+ years, ever since Leonard and Della Payne planted their first apple trees.

The business has grown a lot since then, and today the Ellijay orchard offers you-pick apples and you-pick cut flowers, so you can harvest your own beautiful bouquet of zinnias and sunflowers!

R & A Orchards also has a bakery, market (selling cider, jams, jellies, and butters), and a café where you can grab a sandwich or a burger to enjoy with your fried pie or apple cider donuts.

For more fun, visitors can take a tractor ride and farm tour to see the behind-the-scenes workings of this Ellijay farm. 

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apple farms in north Georgia - Red Apple Barn
Photo courtesy of Red Apple Barn

10. Red Apple Barn

3379 Tailscreek Rd, Ellijay GA706-635-5898

Official Website

The Red Apple Barn is one of the most popular places for apple picking near Atlanta, and admission to the Ellijay GA property includes a tractor ride down to the orchard.

After you finish picking apples, you’ll receive a free apple, a cup of apple cider, an apple cider donut. Then you can relax or enjoy all the fun you want on the playgrounds and in the picnic areas.

There are all sorts of family-friendly games available, from corn hole to horseshoes, plus fantastic photo ops on the covered bridge down by their creek.

Before you head home, stop by the Red Apple Barn’s farm store to stock up on apple butter, apple pies, candied apples, and just about every other apple-related treat you can think of.  -by Emma Gallagher; featured photo of Apple Picking in Atlanta via Canva



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