15 Great Places to Go Horseback Riding in Georgia

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Have you ever dreamed of being a cowgirl or cowboy, spending your days riding horses while enjoying beautiful vistas and the sounds of nature?

While it may not be a practical choice for a full-time career, it’s easy to get a taste of ranch life within an hour or two from metro Atlanta.

The state of Georgia boasts a broad variety of farms and stables that offer horseback riding tours, with pristine stretches of land for you to explore.

And while you might be a little timid if you’ve never ridden horses before, there’s no need to worry. Most places are experienced in working with beginners, providing guidance all the way from saddling up to dismount.

They’re also incredibly family-friendly, and some even offer special rides for kiddos younger than 6 to help them safely live out their buckaroo dreams!

So whether you’re a first-timer or an accomplished equestrian, get ready to saddle up, and read on for 15 great places to go horseback riding in Georgia!

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Horseback Riding in Georgia Guide

  1. Cowgirl Up Stables
  2. Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides at Hell’s Hollow
  3. Appalachian Trail Rides at S&T Stables
  4. Sunburst Adventures
  5. Chattahoochee Stables
  6. Sunny Farms North
  7. Gold City Corral & Carriage Company
  8. Trackrock Stables
  9. Brasstown Valley Stables
  10. Dillard House Stables
  11. Barnsley Resort
  12. Georgia Frontiers
  13. JD’s Horse Ranch
  14. Serenbe Trail Riding
  15. Southern Cross Guest Ranch


Horseback Riding in Blue Ridge GA

Cowgirl Up Stables - horseback riding near Blue Ridge GA
Photo courtesy of Cowgirl Up Stables

1. Cowgirl Up Stables

327 Cashes Valley Rd., Cherry Log GA • 706-258-2276

Official Website

Cowgirl Up Stables offers horseback riding in North Georgia that’s great for everyone from novices to experts.

These experienced trail guides specialize in rides for beginners, and make sure everyone has a safe and fun ride while enjoying the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For the main rides, they require everyone to be under 240 pounds and at least 6 years old.

But they also offer kiddie rides for $15, where guests under 6 can enjoy a 10- to 15-minute horseback ride. They can even help feed and groom the horses!

Horseback Riding Tours

The most basic ride is the Novice Ride, which is great for beginners and can be 35 minutes or an hour. It’s a leisurely creekside stroll through the rolling pasture in Cherry Logs Cashes Valley.

For those feeling a little more adventurous, the 1.5-hour Intermediate Ride takes you through rolling fields, across a beautiful creek, and even has some trotting.

The Valley River Ride is reserved for more experienced riders, and is a three-hour journey near the Cohutta Wilderness (including 6 creek crossings).

There are also special rides available like the Sunset Ride, Picnic Ride, and the Proposal Romantic Ride!

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Horseback Riding at Hell's Hollow Adventure Outpost
Horseback Riding at Hell’s Hollow Adventure Outpost

2. Blue Ridge Mountain Trail Rides at Hell’s Hollow Adventure Outpost

319 Hell’s Hollow Road, Blue Ridge GA • 706-408-7433

Official Website

With more than 25 years of experience under their saddles, the staff at Hell’s Hollow Adventure Outpost staff are there to ensure you have a fun and safe ride.

No matter your experience level, all are welcome at this Blue Ridge GA ranch, and everyone receives instructions on how to ride properly.

Those who are a little nervous are sure to have their hesitations wiped away as they take in the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

Horseback Riding Tours

Riders must be at least 8 years old and under 230 pounds to participate. 

The main ride is an hour long and is suitable for all skill levels. There’s also a 1.5-hour tour and a 2-hour tour you can choose, depending on how long you want to ride.

All of them take you by beautiful creeks and streams and through the North Georgia mountains under a wooded canopy.

They also have a Sunset Ride available from 6:45 pm to 8:45 pm or 7:45 pm to 8:45 pm.

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Appalachian trail Rides at S&T Stables - horseback riding North GA
Photo courtesy of Appalachian Trail Rides at S&T Stables

3. Appalachian Trail Rides at S&T Stables

4100 Cutcane Road, Mineral Bluff GA • 706-374-0362

Official Website

Named after owner Jonny Tarpley’s two children, Syndey and Taylor, S&T Stables provides a family-friendly horse-riding experience.

The 250-acre property has a large stable facility and pasture along with scenic trails, private lakes, and creeks for you to explore during your visit.

With over 30 years of horseback riding experience, the guides are incredibly capable and work with beginners and advanced riders equally well. 

Horseback Riding Tours

Their one-hour trail ride is walking only and is suitable for ages 6 and up, with a 260-pound weight limit. You can also choose to make the tour private, so it’s just your group and the guide. 

The two-hour trail ride is for ages eight and up (200 lbs max), and includes walking and trotting, higher elevations, and more scenic overlooks. This can be booked as a private tour as well.

There are also specialty rides that include a pony ride for ages five and under (50 lbs max), and a dinner ride where you will be served a meal by the ponds and gazebo area.

They even have a special proposal ride, which is a 1.5-hour private guided ride to a secluded and romantic gazebo.

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Horseback Riding in Helen GA

Sunburst Stables - horseback riding in Helen Georgia
Photo courtesy of Sunburst Stables

4. Sunburst Adventures

251 Sunburst Lane, Clarkesville GA • 800-806–1953

Official Website

Known as the place “where outdoor adventures begin,” Sunburst Adventures offers a whole lineup of fun outdoor activities, from ziplining and boating to horseback riding.

There are thousands of acres of land available to enjoy these activities on, and there are even cabin rentals here for overnight stays!

In terms of their horseback riding tours, all experience levels are welcome. Riders ages 7 and older are allowed to ride on their own horses, but kids 3 to 6 years old have to ride double with a parent.

Horseback Riding Tours

The Family Adventure Ride is great for families, especially those with younger riders. It’s a 2-hour trip that takes you along a mountain path to a miniature animal farm.

Other rides include the Moonshine Still Ride (a scenic 3-mile ride through wooded trails and over streams) and the Mountain Ride (a 7- to 9-mile ride that includes inclines and descent on narrow mountain paths).

They also have two special rides, the 2.5-hour Sunset Ride and the 3-hour Lunch Ride.

For the Lunch Ride, it is recommended that you have a moderate amount of experience, as the trails are pretty narrow and can be quite steep at times.

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Chattahoochee Stables - horseback riding near Helen GA
Photo courtesy of Chattahoochee Stables

5. Chattahoochee Stables

2180 Hwy. 17, Sautee GA • 706-878-7000

Official Website

Widely considered one of the best things to do in North Georgia, Chattahoochee Stables encompasses 150 acres tucked away in the foothills of the Sautee Nacoochee Valley.

They’ve been in operation as a horseback riding facility since 1987, so there’s plenty of experience to go around.

The majority of their trail horses are quarter horses: Their calm, steady demeanor makes them especially good for beginning riders.

Horseback Riding Tours

Chattahoochee Stables offers 1-hour guided trail rides that are catered towards first-time riders.

It’s a walking-only trail ride that covers 3 miles and goes along the Chattahoochee River for 1.5 miles. 

All riders must be over 6 years old and under 250 pounds.

Reservations are highly recommended at least 24 hours in advance, but they do accommodate walk-ins if they’re not fully booked for the day.

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Horseback Riding in Dahlonega GA

Sunny Farms North - horseback riding Dahlonega Georgia
Photo courtesy of Sunny Farms North

6. Sunny Farms North 

Long Branch Road, Dahlonega GA (At the end of GA 400 North) • 706-867-9167

Official Website

Opened all year (weather permitting), Sunny Farms North offers awesome horseback riding opportunities across their beautiful Dahlonega GA property.

Rides are typically available Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 4 pm. However, if you give them a call at least a day in advance, they may also be able to accommodate you to ride during the week.

Horseback Riding Tours

Children and adults of all ages are welcome to ride at Sunny Farms North, but guests are subject to ride at the owner’s discretion.

Visitors weighing over 200 pounds should inform their guide about their weight in advance so that an appropriate mount can be reserved.

In terms of tours, they have a $50 one-hour ride and a $55 one-hour ride for doubles (an adult and child together on one horse).

Group rates are also available for 5 or more guests who are visiting together.

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Gold City Corral & Carriage Company  - Georgia horseback riding
Photo courtesy of Gold City Corral & Carriage Company 

7. Gold City Corral & Carriage Company 

49 Forrest Hill Road, Dahlonega GA • 706-867-9395

Official Website

Gold City Corral & Carriage Company is located at the Forrest Hills Mountain Resort, but it’s independently owned and operated. 

They offer horseback riding tours as well as carriage rides and hayrides, plus horse-drawn carriage rides through the heart of Dahlonega wine country!

When you book any of their featured rides, you can add the experience of truly getting to know your horse.  

For an additional $25, you’ll get to brush them down, give them treats, and help saddle them up before your ride. 

Horseback Riding Tours

For beginners, the 1-hour guided trail ride is recommended. No experience is necessary, and beginner riding lessons will be given before the ride, so get there a little early. All ages are welcome.

The 2-hour trail ride is for more confident riders (any age), and will include some trotting. For a bigger adventure, they also offer half-day rides.

If you prefer not to go with a group, private horseback riding tours are available for an additional $10 per person.

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Horseback Riding in Blairsville GA

Trackrock Stables - horseback riding Blairsville GA
Photo courtesy of Trackrock Stables

8. Trackrock Stables

202 Trackrock Camp Rd., Blairsville GA • 706-745-5252

Official Website

Situated on 250+ acres adjacent to some great Chattahoochee National Forest hiking trails, Trackrock Stables is a beautiful place to enjoy a horseback riding adventure.

On their guided tours through a beautiful valley, you might even catch some animal sightings. The most common are deer, wild turkey, and songbirds, but you never know what other kinds of creatures you might see.

All experience levels are welcome, as you’ll be able to learn horsemanship from one of their experienced guides. 

Horseback Riding Tours

Trackrock Stables has a 1-hour guided tour and a 2-hour guided tour, both of which explore hardwood forest, picturesque green meadows, and clear mountain streams.

For the 1-hour ride, riders must be at least 5 years old. For the two-hour ride, riders must be at least 10 years old. There’s a weight limit of 220 pounds for both tours.

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Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa - horseback riding in North Georgia
Photo courtesy of Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa

9. Brasstown Valley Stables

6321 Highway 76, Young Harris GA •800-201-3205

Official Website

If you’re looking for a great vacation combined with an adventurous horseback riding experience, check out Brasstown Valley Stables.

It’s part of the full-service Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa, which has five miles of trails and can accommodate all guests, no matter what their experience level may be.

Along with horseback riding, they also offer golf, archery, and axe-throwing. 

Horseback Riding Tours

Brasstown Valley Stables primarily offers 1- and 2-hour guided mountain trail rides.

During your ride through the property, you’ll be led alongside clear trout streams, through hardwood forest, and across open fields.

For guests ages 6 and under, there are hand-led horseback rides in the facility’s riding ring. Private individual and group rides are also available.

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Horseback Riding in Dillard GA

Horseback Riding with Dillard House in Dillard, GA
Horseback Riding in Dillard, photo by Kurtis Miller

10. Dillard House Stables

768 Franklin St, Dillard, GA • 706-746-2038

Official Website

The Dillard House first opened in 1917. While much has changed since then, the beauty of the surrounding area and the tradition of southern hospitality have stayed the same.

Pam Thompson has been the owner and operator of Dillard House Stables since 1989 and works with experienced trail guides to offer awesome and safe horseback riding opportunities.

They welcome riders of all experience levels and take extra time with beginners to explain trail riding and safety management for the riders and the horses. 

Horseback Riding Tours

Their most popular ride is the One-Hour River Ride which takes you alongside the Dillard House Pasture, up the middle of the Tennessee River, and then through the forest.

They also have a 1.5-hour River Ride which takes you through the river and on some of the more adventurous trails around the stables. 

Both rides require guests to be 10 years old. 

For those 7 and older, there is the One Hour Scenic Farm Ride. It takes guests through the Dillard House pastures and alongside the Little Tennessee River, which has beautiful mountain views.

Parent-Led Children’s Rides are also available for those ages 3 and up.

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Horseback Riding in Adairsville GA

Romantic Couple Carriage Ride at Barnsley Resort, Adairsville GA
Carriage Ride at Barnsley Resort, photo by Bret Love & Mary Gabbett

11. Barnsley Resort

597 Barnsley Gardens Road, Adairsville GA • 770-773-7480

Official Website

Barnsley Gardens Resort is a bucolic retreat situated on over 3,000 acres of pristine North Georgia land where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy nature.

Along with horseback riding through the surrounding foothills, there are also biking and hiking trails and an array of other outdoor activities (including romantic horse-drawn carriage rides).

All of the activities at Barnsley Resort are open to every skill level, with all horseback riding tours led by an experienced trail guide.

Horseback Riding Tours

One of the most popular rides here is their 1-hour guided history tour, on which you’ll learn more about the Barnsley Gardens Resort Ruins while exploring the grounds on horseback.

They also have beginner corral rides, where riders are led around the Barnsley Farm corral with an instructor.

During this 30-minute ride, the instructor works with guests on learning the basic riding position, steering, and stopping the horse.

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Horseback Riding Near Atlanta GA

Georgia Frontiers - horseback riding Canton GA
Photo courtesy of Georgia Frontiers

12. Georgia Frontiers

545 Ruff White Road, Canton GA • 678-234-8852

Official Website

Georgia Frontiers offers “Western-style horseback riding for cowboys and city slickers alike.” So, no matter what your experience level may be, you’re welcome to ride.

Their expert guides will give you all the instructions you need to be relaxed and comfortable in the saddle. That way you can enjoy your time on some of the most beautiful horse trails in Georgia.

The facility is open daily, but they do require advance reservations to ensure you have a spot available.

Horseback Riding Tours

Their 1-hour trail ride is great for first-time riders and families with children (ages 9 and up). It’s a pretty easy trail, with lots of scenic views.

Guests who feel confident enough can even try trotting, or a canter. 

Their 1.5-hour trail ride is perfect for those who want a little bit more of a challenge. There are several opportunities to lope and canter as you enjoy an adventure through the creek.

For those who are really up for a thrill, their 2-hour ride allows you to go as fast as you would like!

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JDs Horse Ranch - horseback riding Atlanta GA
Photo courtesy of JDs Horse Ranch

13. JD’s Horse Ranch

4189 Tell Road Southwest, Atlanta GA • 404-981-2361

Official Website

Operating out of a small barn in Atlanta, JD’s Horse Ranch is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

They offer trail rides as well as riding lessons for those looking to start a new hobby (or just learn more about how to ride safely)!

Note that walk-ins aren’t accepted here, so make sure to call beforehand and make a reservation.

Horseback Riding Tours

JD’s offers a guided 1-hour trail ride for one or two people. The trail features some incredible sights along the way, and can be tailored to your skill level. 

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Serenbe Trial Riding
Photo courtesy of Serenbe Trail Riding

14. Serenbe Trail Riding

10950 Hutcheson Ferry Road, Chattahoochee Hills GA • 770-463-2610

Official Website

Located in the southwest end of Fulton County, Serenbe Trail Riding allows you to experience the beautiful rolling hills of the Serenbe area on horseback.

Providing rides to accomplished equestrians and first-timers alike, Serenbe has an incredibly skilled staff and gentle horses to put all types of riders at ease.

Note that all riders here are required to be at least 12 years old, and under 240 pounds.

Horseback Riding Tours

The standard tour here is their 1-hour trail ride, but they also offer a picnic trail ride that includes lunch by a small waterfall on the property.

For horse lovers who are looking to propose, they also have an exclusive proposal package.

It includes a private trail ride for two that stops by the waterfall for champagne and treats to celebrate the couple’s special moment.

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Southern Cross Guest Ranch - horse riding in Georgia
Photo courtesy of Southern Cross Guest Ranch

15. Southern Cross Guest Ranch

1670 Bethany Church Road, Madison GA • 706-342-8027

Official Website

For over 30 years, the Southern Cross Guest Ranch has been providing fun-filled ranch vacations about 45 minutes from Atlanta.

They offer a hands-on horseback riding program and encourage guests to bond with the horses before they ride.

Their pasture and barn areas are always open, so you’re welcome to wander around the property, pet, feed, and interact with the horses as much as you please.

Even if you’re a non-rider, there is plenty to do here. You can go fishing, play foosball, take a swim, or make some s’mores. They also have a kitchen that serves yummy meals and delicious desserts.

Horseback Riding Tours

Southern Cross Guest Ranch offers trail riding tours in smaller groups that go at a pace to suit your experience level.

If you’re a beginner, you can take a slower ride across open pastures. If you’re a more experienced rider, you can trot through wooded trails.

Before the ride, you’ll also have a chance to learn how to safely groom and saddle your horse!  –by Christina Maggitas; lead image via Canva 


Leave No Trace logo

We encourage anyone who loves the Blue Ridge region to learn about the Leave No Trace principles of responsible environmental stewardship. 

Stay on marked trails, take only pictures, pack out your trash, and be considerate of others who share the trails and parks you explore. 

Remember that waterfalls and rocky summits can be dangerous. Never try to climb waterfalls or get close to a ledge to get a selfie.

When you're exploring the wilderness, it's better to be safe than to be a statistic!

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