10 Challenging Escape Rooms in North Carolina to Visit

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Escape rooms in North Carolina are a unique way to spend an afternoon (or evening) with friends and family.
For an hour or so, you can pretend to be in an entirely different world, be an entirely different person, step out of your comfort zone, and challenge your problem-solving skills.. 
In our experience, most of the NC escape rooms are family-oriented, with various scenarios to choose from.
There are kid-friendly enchanted forests and Indian Jones-style adventures. There are also more adult themes, from tattoo parlors and serial killers to classic murder mysteries.
If you’re having trouble choosing escape rooms that are right for you, just ask the staff to help guide you.
Many North Carolina escape rooms come with difficulty ratings or solve-rate statistics to help you pick the best one for your party’s ability level and interests. 
Read on for our guide to the most fun and challenging escape rooms in NC to visit, including options near Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh/Durham, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem.

Escape Rooms in North Carolina Guide

(Arranged geographically)

  1. A-Escape (Asheville NC)
  2. Breakout (Asheville NC)
  3. The Box Escape Room (Charlotte NC)
  4. Exit Strategy North and South (Charlotte NC)
  5. Breakout (Greensboro NC)
  6. Amaze Room Escape (Raleigh NC)
  7. Bull City Escape (Durham NC)
  8. Total Escape (Winston-Salem NC)
  9. The Exit Games (Wilmington NC)
  10. Green Light Escape Room (Wilmington NC)

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Escape Rooms in Asheville NC

Asheville NC escape room - A-Escape Asheville
Escape the Subway Mobile Escape Room, photo courtesy of A-Escape Asheville

1. A-Escape 

12 Balance Ln, Asheville NC • 336-265-2010

Official Website 

This Asheville NC escape room offers four different scenarios for visitors to try. But be sure to check out their website before you go, as they do require advance reservations. 

In “Mystery Lodge,” guests help Great Uncle Lou try to save his lodge from being torn down by a greedy business tycoon.

For “The Abandoned Submarine,” you’ll dive down into the darkest depths of the ocean to check on the crew of the U.S.S Fortitude and find out why they suddenly went quiet. 

If you’re into extraterrestrials and paranormal phenomena, have a go at cracking “Diner 51” and find out what happened to the missing scientist.

Short on time? Try “Escape the Subway,” in which your team has to figure out how to stop a runaway train car before it reaches the end of the line. 

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Asheville escape room - Breakout
Bomb Squad Escape Room, photo courtesy of Breakout Games

2. Breakout 

60 Patton Ave, Asheville NC • 336-265-2010

Official Website 

For a super fun time with your friends and family, check out Breakout Escape Rooms.

There’s something for everyone’s interest and abilities here: You and your team have 60 minutes to try and solve one of 9 different Asheville escape room scenarios. 

You can pose as detectives solving kidnappings and murders, step up as a bomb squad to disarm an explosive hidden somewhere in Downtown Asheville, or charge into a Wild West saloon to free your friends from handcuffs. 

There are passengers to save from a runaway train, and valuable stolen art to be returned to the museum.

See how you hold up in a hijacked plane hostage situation, or dare to enter the Mystery Mansion, which is inhabited by a reclusive and notoriously eccentric family!

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Escape Rooms in Charlotte NC

escape rooms in Charlotte North Carolina - The Box Escape Rooms
The Witch’s Cabin, photo courtesy of The Box Escape Room

3. The Box Escape Room

 6604 E. WT Harris Blvd, Suite E, Charlotte NC • 704.750.8218

Official Website 

The Box Escape Room in Charlotte, North Carolina is a great place to go for an exhilarating experience. Guests are given an hour to solve all the riddles, clues, and puzzles in each of their four rooms. 

Be careful not to get trapped in “The Witch‘s Cabin,” with its weird glowing lights and horrific sounds of screams. With only a 45% solve rate, this one is a real challenge!

For science-minded folks, there’s the “Binary Room,” where your team must save a comatose scientist from a lab disaster.

“The Ventriloquist Room” is ultra-creepy. Little Timmy has been abducted by the Puppet Master, and you have an hour to save the boy before the sinister villain returns.

Crime junkies will love “Cold Case Killer,” where teams try to solve the spine-tingling mystery of Vincent and Margaret Harden’s strange house

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escape rooms in Charlotte NC - Exit Strategy
The Mansion Escape Room, photo courtesy of Exit Strategy

4. Exit Strategy North and South

(North) 9539 Pinnacle Dr. Ste 300, Charlotte NC • 980-859-4482

(South) 4215 Stuart Andrew Blvd Ste B, Charlotte NC • 980-349-5851

Official Website 

There are two locations for Exit Strategy in Charlotte NC, each of which offers different scenarios. So wherever you are in the North Carolina town, there’s be an awesome escape room nearby. 

At the North Charlotte location, visitors can try to solve the creepy “Mansion” room, or be jungle explorers in “The Ruins.”

In “Spy Trainer,” you’ll see if you have what it takes to become a member of an elite intelligence unit, or try to escape the sacrificial chamber of “Baruta’s Revenge.”

At their South Charlotte location, you can partake in the Ocean’s 11-like scenario of “The Queen City Bank Heist,” or dare to be a participant in a clinical trial in the “Side Effects” room.

“Gone” gives you an opportunity to investigate the disappearance of myriad people in 1986, or you can try to work out what is up with Jaime in the super-challenging “Twisted” room. 

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Escape Rooms in Greensboro NC

escape room Greensboro North Carolina - Breakout
Wild West Escape Room, photo courtesy of Breakout Games

5. Breakout

700 Carnegie Place, Greensboro NC • 336-265-2010

Official Website 

Another location in the Breakout chain of escape rooms, this fun Greensboro NC attraction has different themed scenarios for all levels of adventurers to choose from.  

For “The Kidnapping,” “Wild West,” and “Hostage,” one member of your team will literally be put in handcuffs that the rest of you will have to try to unlock.

There is a “Runaway Train” to escape from in one scenario, and a bomb to deactivate in the “Bomb Squad” room.

In the “Clue” room, you’ll get to channel Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, and the rest of the gang in this escape room twist on the famous detective board game.

And in “Island Escape,” you and your team must work together quickly in order to escape the flowing lava that is erupting from a very nearby volcano!

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Escape Rooms in Raleigh/Durham NC

escape room Raleigh NC - Amaze Room Escape
The Mysterious Room Escape Room, photo courtesy of Amaze Room Escape

6. Amaze Room Escape

 3209 Gresham Lake Rd, Suite128, Raleigh NC • 984-200-3402

Official Website

Amaze Room Escape has locations in several cities in North Carolina, including this fantastic escape room in Raleigh NC. They have three rooms to choose from, and all are considered pretty high on the difficulty rating. 

In the “Mysterious Room,” you and your team have one hour to steal a priceless necklace from the infamous treasure hunter, Doctor Alexander.

Their “Prison Break” room finds your team captured and locked up by a rebel army. You must work together quickly and escape before you all meet your end tomorrow. 

For “Escape from the Black and White,” you’re famous musicians who awaken in a world of confusion. You have to try to figure out what happened to you and how to escape this fog of black and white. 

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escape room Durham NC - Bull City Escape Room
Photo courtesy of Bull City Escape

7. Bull City Escape

711 Iredell Street, Durham NC • 919-627-8386

Official Website 

There are 5 fun-filled rooms to tackle at Bull City Escape. This escape room only offers private bookings, meaning you will never have to be in a room with strangers.

You and your team are allowed one hour to crack all the codes, puzzles, and conundrums at this escape room in Durham NC.

In “Wrong Side of Tobacco Road,” you’ll try to find all of your Coach’s missing things in a rival coach’s office. If you want an early Christmas in NC, you can have a go at organizing Santa’s workshop in “Elf’s Revenge.”

“Lunar Lockdown” has your team trying to make it back to Earth safely after crashing your spaceship, with dwindling oxygen and time running out.

Other options include entering the “Enchanted Kingdom” to find all of the missing crown jewels, or helping police solve the mysterious murder of Edward Montgomery in “A Study in Murder.”

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Escape Rooms in Winston-Salem NC

escape room Winston Salem NC
Photo courtesy of Total Escape Game

8. Total Escape

280 Charlois Blvd, Lower Level, Winston-Salem NC • 336-747-1178

Official Website 

Total Escape offers a thrilling escape room experience in Winston-Salem NC. They have 4 scenarios to choose from (each of which offers more than one room to tackle), but all require making a reservation online before showing up.

Try out “The Enchanted Forest,” which– despite the cutesy name– is actually their most difficult room. All you have to do is save the entire Fairy Kingdom by healing the Tree of Pixie Light.

In “The Temple of Tikal,” your team is trapped inside an ancient Mayan temple and have to solve a bunch of puzzles if you want to get out alive.

“Prison Break” finds crime boss Matty and his sidekick trying to help you get out of jail after you took the fall for them.

Finally, your goal in “Yacht Heist” isn’t just to escape the room, but to try to get away with as much booty as possible!

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Escape Rooms in Wilmington NC

escape rooms Wilmington NC
Hidden Needle Tattoo Parlor Escape Room, photo courtesy of The Exit Games

9. The Exit Games

Princess Street Location- 118-C Princess St, Wilmington NC • 910-833-5881

Front Street Location- 2 N Front St, 2nd Floor, Wilmington NC • 910-833-5881

Official Website 

There are two locations for The Exit Games in Wilmington NC, and they’re conveniently located just one block from each other. Make sure to book online in advance before heading over to play one of their 4 exciting escape room games. 

In “White Rabbit Society,” you must prove your magic skills worthy by solving the conundrums if you want to become a member of an elite group of magicians.

The “Front Street Casino Heist” casts you and your team as members of a successful crime syndicate trying to steal all the valuables from a vault. 

For “Hidden Needle Tattoo Parlor,” you’re the newest apprentice in a top tattoo shop trying to get through all the challenges your mentor has set for your fast-paced apprenticeship.

Animal lovers may enjoy “Dog Gone Alley,” in which a poor dog named Buddy is lost and your team has to figure out where he came from and return him to his worried human.

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escape room NC Brewery Heist
Brewery Heist Escape Room, photo courtesy of Green Light Escape

10. Green Light Escape Room

130 N Front St #202, Wilmington NC 704-750-8218

Official Website 

Green Light offers some of the best escape rooms in Wilmington NC, with 5 scenarios to pick from. All are private events, so make sure to book online before you show up!

“Kidnapped” is the perfect escape room for beginners. You and your team find yourselves trapped in a dark room in another era, so you must try to get out and find a way back to your own time.

Another good one for beginners, “Alien Escape” finds players trying to escape a weird cryogenic chamber before your extra-terrestrial captors return. 

“The Attic” is a little more difficult and a LOT more creepy! You’ll need to watch out for things that go bump in the night while trying to help Little Claire find her lost toys.

Their newest and trickiest escape room is called the “Brewery Heist.” All you have to do is get your hands on some beer before all the breweries in the area run dry. No hops? The horror!!  -by Emma Gallagher; lead photo via Canva


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