The 15 Best Escape Rooms in Virginia to Visit

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If you like brain teasers, love a good head-scratching mystery, or just enjoy playing pretend, there are some amazingly fun escape rooms in Virginia you can visit to challenge your mental acuity. 
Escape rooms are a great way to while away an hour with friends, family, or work colleagues. It’s an opportunity to prove that you can work together as a team and show off your individual problem-solving skills. 
There’s hardly a town in Virginia that doesn’t have an escape room just a stone‘s throw away. 
Whether the story is about saving the world from a mad scientist, breaking out of prison, escaping the clutches of a crazed killer, or robbing treasure from pirates, there are VA escape room scenarios to suit every age and interest.
Most of the escape rooms in VA offer multiple different types of rooms to choose from, so you can go back multiple times to explore varying experiences. 
Read on for our in-depth guide to 15 fun escape rooms in VA, each of which will have you solving puzzles, cracking codes, finding keys, and breaking locks to make your getaway before time runs out!

15 Best Escape Rooms in Virginia Guide

  1. Breakout (Richmond VA)
  2. Escape Room (Virginia Beach VA)
  3. Rush Hour (Federicksburg VA)
  4. Intense Escape (Bristol VA)
  5. Bonds Escape Room (Arlington VA)
  6. Colonial Escape Room (Williamsburg VA)
  7. Escapism (Harrisonburg VA)
  8. Cville Escape Room (Charlottesville VA)
  9. Crack the Code Escape Room (Staunton VA)
  10. One Way Out (Lynchburg VA)
  11. Escape 211 (Luray VA)
  12. All in Adventures (Roanoke VA)
  13. Escape Room (Herndon VA)
  14. Escape Room Live (Alexandria VA)
  15. Puzzlr (Blacksburg VA)

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Breakout Escape Room in Richmond VA
Photo courtesy of Breakout Games

1. Breakout

9101 Midlothian Turnpike Suite 700, Richmond VA • 804-480-1211

Official Website

The Breakout escape room in Richmond VA offers a number of different themed rooms where you’ll have to find clues and solve various puzzles and riddles.

All of this is done against a constantly ticking clock!

Check out the “Bomb Squad” room, in which your team has to disarm a bomb hidden downtown. Or the “Do Not Disturb” room, where you’ve tracked down a kidnapper and have to escape from their motel room. 

In “Kidnapping,” you are your teammates wake up handcuffed and blindfolded in a locked room.

If that concept seems a little too claustrophobic for your taste, there’s also the “Museum Heist” room and the “Operation: Casino” room to keep you and your team busy. 

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Escape Room Virginia Beach
Photo courtesy of Escape Room Virginia Beach

2. Escape Room Virginia Beach

4317 Bonney Road, Virginia Beach VA • 757-228-7577

Official Website

Escape Room Virginia Beach offers its budding detectives four challenging scenarios to choose from. 

Players can end up in “Monster Mansion” after an evening of trick-or-treating, where they find themselves locked inside on Halloween with some rather gruesome ghouls.

If you enjoy Westerns, check out their “High Noon Saloon” room. You and your fellow outlaws are plotting a saloon heist, and have to find your riches before the local sheriff finds you. 

In the “Sorority Séance” room, you’ve snuck into the college dorm of Raven, who studies witchcraft and has put a spell on your best friends. You’ll have to find her wand to reverse the spell before she returns from class. 

“King Neptune’s Trident” offers an ocean-themed experience in which players must help the King recover his stolen weapon. The reward of Godly powers and wealth makes it a worthwhile quest!

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Rush Hour Escape Room in Fredericksburg VA
Photo courtesy of Rush Hour

3. Rush Hour Live Escape Games

1 Towne Centre Blvd, Suite 3100, Fredericksburg VA • 540-684-6695

Official Website

Rush Hour Live Escape Games is the only escape room in Fredericksburg VA, but it’s a very good one, with six different scenarios to choose from.

At the “Lucky Duck Speakeasy,” you and your team are in charge of finding the local Kingpin for crimes against the 1920s Prohibition of distilled liquor

In “The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar” room, your team is on a frenzied hunt for hidden treasure. You must try to find it before a bloodthirsty African warlord and his army find you. 

Their Alice in Wonderland-inspired room finds you and your friends falling down Alice’s hole into the clutches of the Queen of Hearts. You’ll have 60 minutes to escape before it’s “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!” 

Other Rush Hour escape rooms include the pirate-themed “Blackbeard’s Brig,” the science-themed “From Beyond,” and the New Orleans-themed mystery of “Murder at Mardi Gras.” 

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Intense Escape Room in Bristol VA
Photo courtesy of Intense Escape

4. Intense Escape

200 Linden Square Dr. Suite 6, Bristol VA • 276-492-3425

Official Website

If you’re looking for escape rooms in Bristol VA, the aptly-named Intense Escape offers some excellent options.

There are three scary escape rooms to choose from, with each giving its guests a run for their money. 

In “Funhouse,” your team comes across an old abandoned circus, with the dark space haunted by terrifying clowns. You’ll have to try to escape before you end up joining the circus for good. 

Few things are more frightening than wandering in a dark forest at night. The “Bite of the Wolf” escape room finds a team member attacked by a werewolf, and you must find the antidote before they transform into a monster.

“Dracula’s Castle” is their third room, where you and your friends have been invited to the fanged fiend’s party. You’ll have an hour to escape the castle before your host finds you and makes you his next meal!

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Escape Room in Arlington VA
Photo courtesy of Bonds Escape Room

5. Bonds Escape Room

42800 Clarendon boulevard, Suite 910, Arlington VA • 703-884-1524

Official Website

This Arlington VA escape room actually comes with a warning of “graphic content.” But Bond’s Escape Room has something for the whole family to enjoy, with six scintillating scenarios to pick from. 

If you like sweet treats, try your hand at cracking the “Death By Chocolate” room, where players try to figure out what makes Gerhardt Von Sweettüth’s candy so darned delicious.

In the “Enchanted Castle” room, teams try to make a magic sword using the power of the castle. You’ll need enough magic to dispel a terrible illness that’s spreading throughout the kingdom and killing its residents. 

At the “Sleepover Slaughterhouse,” your team has been dared to spend the night in a creepy haunted house. You’ll have just an hour to reverse the curse before you end up trapped there permanently. 

Other escape rooms at Bond’s include the “Saddleworm Saloon,” the “Elven Forest,” and “Art Attack,” which offers kids a chance to get messy and create arts & crafts

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Escape Room in Williamsburg VA
Photo courtesy of Colonial Escape

6. Colonial Escape Room

206 Packets Ct, Williamsburg VA • 757-603-2594

Official Website

This awesome escape room in Williamsburg VA offers its guests three different scenarios to choose from.

By far the most challenging of the three is “Blackbeard’s Cabin,” which earns a 5 out of 5 on the difficulty scale. The famous pirate has gone out pillaging, and you’re trying to find his loot before he returns and finds you.!

The “Chesapeake Bay Butcher” room is definitely the most frightful. As you enter the home of the notorious serial killer, you must use clues to discover if he is just a mythical legend or a deranged criminal mastermind. 

You’ll step into the future in the “CyberPunk’d” room, where teams try to save the world. Recommended for all ages, this room challenges teams to solve puzzles in the hacker’s basement before a deadly cyber-virus is released. 

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Escape Rooms in Harrisonburg VA
Photo courtesy of Escapism Escape Rooms

7. Escapism

29 W. Water St. Suite 103, Harrisonburg VA • 540-209-8439

Official Website

If you’re seeking escape rooms in Harrisonburg VA, Escapism offers four intriguing options to choose from.

In “Breathe!!!” you and your teammates are astronauts on Mars. When oxygen levels suddenly start dropping, you have one hour to solve the crisis before people have to sacrifice themselves for the good of the team. 

“Shot Caller” takes place in a prison where you’re all inmates. There’s a prison break afoot, and you have just 60 minutes to try to get out before the prison guards catch on to your plan.

Haunted house fans will enjoy “Three Nights of Terror,” where you have to escape three horrific rooms– one with clowns, one with Freddy Krueger, one with Jason– before it turns into a waking nightmare!

Their newest room, “Toxic Attack,” finds a bomb planted at a Top Secret virus development lab. Your team has just 75 minutes to protect the lab before the bomb goes off and unleashes chaos and destruction. 

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Escape Rooms in Charlottesville VA - Cville
Photo courtesy of Cville Escape Room

8. Cville Escape Room

414 E Main St, Charlottesville VA • 434-424-0520

Official Website

There are four exciting rooms to tackle at the Cville Escape Room in Charlottesville VA .

The “Dungeon of Fire” finds your team trying to escape the lair of a deadly dragon before it comes back and adds your roasted bones to the pile. 

In “Shadows of New Orleans,” you’re a group of ghost investigators racing against the clock to keep whatever dark forces are stirring in the French Quarter of Louisiana buried where they belong. 

Choose the “Mad Scientist’s Laboratory” and you’ll find an evil scientist working to create an army of the undead. You have to stop the deranged scientist’s madness from going any further before becoming zombies yourselves!

Cartoon fans will love “Mystery Crew,” a fun homage to a classic show about meddling kids! In this escape room, the gang investigates a mystery that involves an old, all-too-familiar villain. 

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Escape Room in Staunton VA
Photo courtesy of Crack The Code Escape Room

9. Crack the Code Escape Room

300 Church St, Bldg B, Staunton VA • 540-688-2085

Official Website

Crack the Code Escape Room in Staunton VA offers five challenging scenarios for guests to choose from.

In the “Subway NYC” room, your team is on a subway car on a collision course with an oncoming train. You all must work together to take control of the train back from the destruction-minded hijacker. 

Their “Crazy Cat Lady” scenario finds your team entrusted to take care of Mable’s pets while she’s on vacation. An hour before Mable’s return, her favorite cat has gone missing and your task is to find the kitty quickly. 

“The Unexplained Files” follows the disappearance of FBI agent Jonathan A. Nimh. But the truth is out there, and you must go through all of his personal artifacts in order to solve the mystery of his whereabouts. 

With “The Dark Mage’s Rise,” a frightful magical being will rise at midnight unless your team can find the missing magic wand and defeat his enchantments before he destroys the world.

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Escape Room in Lynchburg VA
Photo courtesy of One Way Out Escape Rooms

10. One Way Out

2264 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg VA • 434-329-7329

Official Website

Looking for a fun place to get together with your family and friends? Try to crack one of One Way Out’s four escape rooms in Lynchburg VA!.

“Search for the Lost Professor” is a great choice for Indiana Jones fans, who’ll find themselves in a long-lost temple trying to unearth the mystery of a missing archeologist. 

In “The Experiment,” your team has been hired to take care of a lab while the Doctor is away. But you soon discover that things aren’t quite as they seem, and it’s your job to figure out what’s going on before time expires.

You’ll get a chance to be train robbers in “Railway Robbery,” in which your team tries to rob illusionist E. S. Cape before the guards can catch you. 

If you’re into magic, “Paravell’s 3 Keys” offers guests a chance to escape from the clutches of a sinister sorceress. To escape the castle, your team must complete three challenging tasks in under an hour.

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Escape Rooms in Luray VA
Photo courtesy of Escape 211

11. Escape 211

1440 US HWY 211 West, Luray VA • 540-669-5094 

Official Website

Escape 211 offers three different escape rooms in Luray VA, just 5 minutes west of Luray Caverns.

The spooky “Specterphobia” casts you and your teammates as a group of urban explorers investigating an old abandoned house that is rife with weird paranormal activity. 

If you’re looking for a more difficult challenge, try “The Missing Ranger.” You and your team must search the National Park station looking for clues to the ranger’s whereabouts. 

More moderately challenging, “The Enchanted Library” finds you group locked inside the private study during a tour of a famous author’s home. Your must find the clues and escape before security finds you!

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Escape Rooms in Roanoke VA
Image courtesy of All in Adventures

12. All in Adventures

4802 Valley View Blvd NW, Space LD 150, Roanoke VA • 540-920-2253

Official Website

This epic Roanoke escape room in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia has a whopping 9 scenarios to try, with great choices for the whole family.

Popular favorites at All In Adventures include the “Escape from Alcatraz” room, where you and your team are a group of guards searching for 10 missing prison cell keys before the inmates can break out. 

In “Treasure Island,” your crew has been captured by Captain Jake Hawkins. You must prove to the legendary pirate that you’re worth keeping alive by completing a number of tasks before he makes you walk the plank. 

“Superhero’s Adventure” finds your team as superheroes called to protect a bank from the evil Matador and his minions. If that isn’t your bag, try working with world-renowned detective Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock’s Library.”

You can also try defeating the undead in “Zombie Apocalypse,” compete on a game show in “Hollywood Premiere,” or act as a member of the military elite in “Black Ops.” 

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Escape Room in Herndon VA
Photo courtesy of Escape Room Herndon

13. Escape Room Herndon

406 Elden St., Herndon VA • 571-306-2279

Official Website

Escape Room Herndon offers four sensational scenarios to challenge the skills of puzzle-solving enthusiasts. 

Their “8-Bit Escape” room casts your mom as the antagonist: She’s locked up all your gaming gear until you finish doing your homework, but your friends have just arrived, eager to play.

In “Maritime Mutiny,” pirate Captain Ravensbeard has claimed all the bounty from your recent pillage for himself. You and your crew must break into his locked quarters if you want to reclaim what is rightfully yours. 

You’re cast as an apprentice in the “Magician’s Workshop,” where a rival magician has the most amazing trick up his sleeve. You’ll have one hour to break into his place and steal his trick before your show is out of business.

For “The Graverobber’s Dilemma,” your team are all grave-robbers on the hunt for a priceless diamond that was buried with one of the bodies.

When you get to the grave, you find it has already been looted. Your mission is to hunt down whoever stole the gem and steal it right back!

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Escape Room in Alexandria VA
Photo courtesy of Escape Room Live

14. Escape Room Live

814 King Street, Floor 2, Alexandria VA • 571-771-2311

Official Website

Escape Room Live is a great attraction offering four different escape rooms in Alexandria VA.

Sherlock Holmes fans have two immersive rooms to choose from. In “Sherlock Holmes: A Matter of Time,” your team must prove its sleuthing skills to the world-renowned detective.

For “Sherlock Holmes: Bombs Away,” you’ll take an active role in helping Holmes defeat Moriarty and disarm several bombs set to explode in major cities.

If you love witchcraft themes, try “The Wizard’s Apothecary.” The King’s Royal Wizard has gone missing, and your team must use clues in the wizard’s book of spells to help find him. 

Horror fans will love “Edgar Allan Poe: Poe-ranormal Activity,” wherein you enter the author’s chambers to search for a missing manuscript, only to encounter myriad paranormal mysteries. 

Escape Room in Blacksburg VA
Photo courtesy of Puzzlr

15. Puzzlr

700 North Main St, Blacksburg VA • 540-699-1973

Official Website

This escape room in Blacksburg VA has four challenging escape rooms, with more cool concepts coming soon!

“Blackbeard’s Bootcamp” is their newest escape room scenario, in which your crew must pass an arduous initiation test in order to become full-fledged pirates. 

“Prison Break” casts you and your team as inmates who have been locked up after your heist went wrong. Luckily, some friends have been smuggled in as fake guards, and are there to help you escape. 

In “The Witches Curse,” you’re plague-addled villagers who’ve heard rumors of a witch living in a forest nearby. She may have a cure for the disease, but you have to fight through the dark forest to find her. 

Seemingly inspired by the Liam Neeson films, “Taken” casts you as kidnapped victims of a killer who loves playing games. You’ll have an hour to solve his devious riddles and puzzles and set yourself free.  -by Emma Gallagher


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