The 15 Best Scary Escape Rooms in Georgia

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[Updated July 13, 2023]

If you’re looking for a unique interactive experience that offers thrills and chills, plus a fun team-building challenge, a scary escape room in Georgia might tick off all your boxes.

Many of the Georgia escape rooms offer unnerving options full of climactic suspense, gore, and horror-style jump scares.

The objective is simple: follow a variety of clues, hints, puzzles, and keys to escape whatever spine-chilling situation you and your team have been thrown into in a set amount of time.

You might be moored on a cannibalistic island, hunting witches and vampires, or trying to escape from Alcatraz.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll probably enjoy these interactive, haunted house-like challenges.

Read on for our list of the 15 best scary escape rooms in Georgia, which includes info on the background storylines to help you choose the perfect adventure for your team. 

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Scary Escape Rooms in Georgia Guide

  1. Big Escape Rooms: Clown (Atlanta)
  2. Breakout Atlanta: The Kidnapping (Atlanta)
  3. The Escape Game Atlanta: Prison Break (Atlanta)
  4. Time to Escape: Escape from Alcatraz (Atlanta)
  5. Ultimate Escape Room: Dead by Dawn (Atlanta)
  6. Escape the Netherworld: Haunted (Stone Mountain)
  7. Escape the Woods: The Hunted (Powder Springs)
  8. Paranoia Quest: Witch Hunter (Buford)
  9. Impossible Escape Loganville: Beach Escape (Loganville)
  10. Odyssey Escape Game: The Nuketown Diner (Alpharetta)
  11. Escape Rooms of Helen, GA: Hell in Hotel (Helen)
  12. The Escapery: Jack the Ripper (Marietta)
  13. Urban Escape Games: Escape from Tiki Island (Marietta)
  14. Mindscape: The Cabin of Mr. Smith (Kennesaw)
  15. Mastermind Escape Games: The Shed (Sandy Springs)

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Escape Rooms in Atlanta GA


1. Big Escape Rooms: Clown

444 Highland Ave NE, #415, Atlanta GA • 678-800-0701

Official Website

Big Escape Rooms has been working hard since 2016 to deliver spooky escape rooms in Georgia for their guests. 

During their 60-minute “Clown” escape room session, your team will have to work together in order to solve riddles and puzzles that will eventually let you escape from Boris the Clown’s Circus.

Boris was once a fan-favorite act in Magneto’s Circus. He sold out shows around the world, until he went insane and killed the rest of Magneto’s performers.

Now he hides away in the circus and lures guests in torture them. Will you and your team be able to solve Boris’ games to escape this circus-gone-wrong?

With an escape rate of just 35%, “Clown” is undeniably challenging. Widely regarded as one of the best escape rooms in Atlanta, it’s targeted towards beginners and intermediate level escape artists.

According to customer reviews, this is considerably scarier than the rest of Big Escape Rooms’ themed escape rooms. But note that there are no actual scary clowns in the room with you.

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2. Breakout Atlanta: The Kidnapping

3867 Roswell Rd NE, Suite 200, Atlanta GA • 404-800-9297

Official Website

This 60-minute escape room experience draws on the suspense of a kidnapping, with you and the other victims trying to escape before your captor returns.

You’ll find yourself stuck in a mysterious and unfamiliar room, confused and unable to move your arms.

You and your team will need to find hidden clues to escape this strange place. But the clock is ticking, and your kidnapper is coming back at any moment.

Gather up to 7 of your friends, co-workers, or family members to see if you can all work together and break out of your kidnapper’s hiding spot.

“The Kidnapping” is considered to be difficult, although not impossible, and can be a thrilling challenge for beginners!

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3. The Escape Game Atlanta: Prison Break

900 Battery Ave SE, Suite 1020, Atlanta GA • 678-831-6347

Official Website

In Escape Game Atlanta’s most difficult room, you’re stuck in a 1950s-style prison with just one hour to break out.

The over-controlling warden has gotten bored by the daily routine, so he’s given his prisoners (your team) a once-in-a- lifetime chance to beat his twisted games and get out of jail free.

You and your fellow inmates are split between two prison cells. But you must communicate effectively and work together to sneak through the facility in an attempt to escape.

But be careful: If the warden catches you, you have to stay in prison for life!

If you’d prefer to attempt your prison break only with the team you’ve chosen, this Atlanta escape room offers a chance for teams to block out the remaining reservation spots for their games.

Equipped with real prison toilets for effect, Escape Game Atlanta’s “Prison Break” is highly rated for all ages and escape room experience levels.

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4. Time to Escape: Escape from Alcatraz

1441 Dresden Drive #230, Atlanta GA • 678-329-0445

Official Website

It’s 1962, and Frank Morris has escaped from Alcatraz.

He’s left you and your fellow prisoners clues on how he got away with it, but you need to find them and successfully escape in an hour, before the guards come back at sunrise.

Considered one of the most realistic escape rooms in Atlanta, “Escape from Alcatraz” offers an engaging storyline, a strong dose of suspense, and a thrilling adventure for visitors.

With an overall escape rate of 55%, this Atlanta escape room is considered to be on the easier side. You can choose “Casual Mode” or “Competitive Mode,” depending on the experience levels of you and your teammates.

Once you and your team have successfully escaped from Alcatraz, head over to Time to Escape’s on-site bar for a glass or two of Georgia wines and some not-so-nerve-wrecking games.

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Ultimate Escape Game Dead By Dawn Escape Room in Atlanta
Photo courtesy Ultimate Escape Game

5. Ultimate Escape Game: Dead by Dawn

3200 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Suite 150, Atlanta GA • 770-824-9164

Official Website

In this Evil Dead-inspired Atlanta escape room, the small town in Minnesota where you attend college is a bore on weekends, so you and your friends go to the bar.

You’re approached by a man with one hand, who tells you mysterious legends about a cabin in the woods nearby. He believes a magical book called The Necronomicon is hidden inside the cabin.

If you and your buddies can retrieve the ancient tome (and his severed hand) before he leaves town in just one hour, he offers to give you a handsome reward.

Horror film fans will love this nail-biting journey into the woods to solve riddles and clues at this mysterious cabin.

You can bring up to 12 friends on your search for the magical book, as Ultimate Escape Game offers tiered ticket pricing based on how many guests are in your group.

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Escape Rooms Near Atlanta GA


6. Escape the Netherworld: Haunted

1313 Netherworld Way, Stone Mountain GA • 678-580-5642

Official Website

For the past 200 years, your family has been haunted by a hostile monster called the Night Hag. Numerous family members have died or disappeared, including your uncle, Dr. Thomas Griffin.

His will reveals that he has trapped the Night Hag and various other supernatural creatures in his laboratory for 50 years. The bad news is that the Night Hag has been gradually growing stronger in captivity.

Your uncle’s notes detail a plan to banish the Night Hag, but you must follow the clues he has left behind. 

You and your team have just 60 minutes to figure out how to get rid of this malevolent spirit, or remain haunted forever.

Escape the Netherworld’s “Haunted” theme is recommended for four or more friends or family members, offering an exciting challenge for both beginner and experienced players.

Presented by Netherworld Haunted House, Escape the Netherworld is open every night that the haunted house is open. And with ever-changing themes, there’s always something to scare your pants off!

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Hopper's Cabin from Stranger Things
Hopper’s Cabin from Stranger Things, photo courtesy Escape Woods

7. Escape Woods: The Hunted & The Cabin

628 Sleepy Hollow Road, Powder Springs GA • 770-880-8846

Official Website

You’re invited to the Exclusive Wellness Resort at Sunshine Valley, a nature retreat in the wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of the world. But you soon realize that your team is being hunted by people in the forest.

This unique escape room features both indoor and outdoor experiences at a cabin. Boasting 30 years of set design experience, the Escape Woods team takes the “fully immersive” experience to the next level.

“The Hunted” is rated R for truly creepy horror elements, but can be enjoyed by all levels of escape room artists.

While you’re there, check out their Stranger Things Escape Room, “The Cabin,” which takes place in the actual building used as Hopper’s cabin in the hit Netflix show. 

This intermediate-level escape room, recommended for ages 10 and up, isn’t nearly as scary as “The Hunted.” But participants still have to decipher clues to solve a mystery before their time runs out.

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8. Paranoia Quest: Witch Hunter

3333 Buford Drive, Buford GA • 678-288-6555

Official Website

You’re a legendary witch hunter on the trail of five witches. Their path leads your team of hunters into the forest, to a massive hideout you need to investigate. 

The hideout is guarded by a vampire lord who is under the witches’ spell. But now that the witches have disappeared, the bloodsucker is gradually coming out from under their spell.

Can you figure out what secrets the witches are hiding behind their riddles before the vampire lord wakes up?

The dark, gothic horror escape room setting and the looming threat of the sleeping vampire lord promises a creepy escape room experience for all visitors.

Paranoia Quest’s “Witch Hunter” escape room is rated for intermediate players in terms of suspense, intellect, and physical agility, but it rates highly in “fun” for all ages and experience levels!

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Escape Room in Loganville GA


9. Impossible Escape Loganville: Beach Escape

3735 Harrison Rd SW, Suite 500, Loganville GA • 770-599-7295

Official Website

You’ve snagged a cheap deal on a romantic getaway to a beach hotel that promises stunning views of the ocean.

But when you arrive in Belize, you soon realize that your deal might have been too good to be true.

Your hotel room door is stuck, no matter how hard you try to get out. You attempt to call the front desk, but none of the phones in your room work.

During this 60-minute Loganville escape room experience, you and your friends have to solve clues and puzzles in order to get out of your sketchy hotel, before whoever runs it realizes that you’re trying to leave.

Impossible Escape Loganville recommends the “Beach Escape” room for birthday parties and friend groups. They also offer ticket discounts for military personnel, veterans, students, and teachers.

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Escape Room in Alpharetta GA

Nuketown Diner at Odyssey Escape Room in Alpharetta GA
Nuketown Diner, photo courtesy Odyssey Escape Game

10. Odyssey Escape Game: The Nuketown Diner

1111 Alderman Drive, Suite 120, Alpharetta • 770-559-7548

Official Website

Odyssey Escape Games uses puzzles, clues, and keys to pose a challenge for their escape artists, with experiences specially designed for corporate team building.

In this Alpharetta escape room, “Nuketown” was built in 1951 to test how a nuclear bomb would affect neighborhoods in the blast zone.

The Nuketown Diner has become the best place to visit since the failed “Storm Area 51” raid in 2019, which led to the U.S. Government declassifying sections of Area 51 and opening them up to the public.

The entire town is now a top tourist destination, but the US Government still gives a warning to all visitors. There may still be radioactive hotspots here, so all guests are encouraged to enter at their own risk.

Will you and your team of up to 8 people be able to survive your trip to the Nuketown Diner? With a success rate of 60%, the odds are just slightly in your favor!

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Escape Room in Helen GA


11. Mind Escapes Escape Rooms: Hellin Hotel

8160 South Main St, Unit B-6, Helen GA • 770-639-4364

Official Website

An employee named Marion embezzled money from her boss and fled town with the loot. But she decided to stay the night at the Hellin Hotel, and was never seen again.

Now her boss is sending your team to investigate the roadside hotel where Marion was last seen with his money. You’ve heard bad things about this sketchy hotel on the outskirts of town.

You have just one hour to retrieve the money she stole and escape the Helen GA hotel without succumbing to Marion’s horrific fate.

The masters of Mind Escapes in Helen will give your team riddles and puzzles to solve during your visit to Hellin Hotel. The answers offer clues to where Marion (and the money) went.

Plan on coming back in December for Christmas in Helen, which was recently rated the “Top Christmas Town in America” by MSN and one of Southern Living‘s Best Christmas Towns in the USA!

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Escape Rooms in Marietta GA

Jack the Ripper Escape Room in Marietta GA
Jack the Ripper Escape Room, photo courtesy The Escapery

12. The Escapery: Jack the Ripper

1349 Old 41 Hwy NW, #250, Marietta GA • 770-726-2892

Official Website

Victorian London is plagued by an infamous serious killer known as Jack the Ripper. No one knows what his motives are, or how he chooses his victims.

Based on true events, this thrilling Marietta escape room sends your team of investigators on the trail of the primary suspect, who has escaped from the Colney Hatch Asylum.

Another young woman has gone missing in the wake of his escape, so now your team must track him to his lair and attempt to rescue the latest missing girl before her time runs out and the Ripper strikes again.

This 60-minute, horror-themed escape room is rated as very difficult and is recommended for experienced escape room players. Participants are promised gore, jump scares, and other frightening thematic elements.

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13. Urban Escape Games: Escape From Tiki Island

2100 Roswell Road, Marietta GA • 678-805-2189

Official Website

This escape room in Marietta GA strives to provide visitors with a captivating, top-tier experience by going beyond the traditional lock-and-key escape room designs.

Their Escape From Tiki Island escape room is set on a remote exotic island, where your team finds themselves stranded. You also soon realize that you’re not alone.

The inhabitants of this unusual island are cannibals, and you and your team are fresh meat! The immersive visuals and puzzles will really make you feel like you’re stuck on Tiki Island.

You and your team have 60 minutes to escape, but note that this escape room is rated at an 8 out of 10 difficulty level.

Urban Escape Games also offers a special feature: Parents/bosses can watch their families/teams work together to solve the riddles via video and audio monitoring of the escape room.

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Escape Room in Kennesaw GA


14. Mindscape: The Cabin of Mr. Smith

600 Chastain Rd NW, Suite 228, Kennesaw GA • 770-726-0139

Official Website

Mindscape’s trailer for their “The Cabin of Mr. Smith” escape room opens with a haunting question: In the wilderness, are you ever really alone?

Nestled deep in the forest, Mr. Smith’s cabin seems innocuous on the outside. But of course things are not always as they may seem.

With a success rate of 47%, this thrilling escape room is recommended for gamers, game room enthusiasts, as well as groups of friends and family.

You and your team have 60 minutes to complete the set of clues and riddles in Mr. Smith’s creepy cabin. They’re tricky, although not impossible, and will be fun for all game experience levels.

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Escape Room in Sandy Springs GA


15. Mastermind Escape Games: The Shed

5825 Glenridge Drive, Building 4, Suite 200, Sandy Springs GA • 404-480-3852

Official Website

This hair-raising Sandy Springs escape room leads guests through 60 minutes of clues and puzzles to find out what the deal is with your neighbor’s mysterious shed.

You’ve been hearing disturbing rumors about your neighbor, and police are not willing to investigate without evidence. But you believe something sinister is going on, so you decide to take matters into your own hands.

One day, after your neighbor leaves the house, you decide to head over and investigate for yourself. Just stay out of the shed in the backyard, because you might never escape if you find yourself stuck in there!

With just a 30% escape rate, this room proves to be fairly difficult for most visitors, but it is possible to escape your neighbor’s house before he inevitably returns.

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Georgia Escape Rooms FAQ

GA Escape Room

1. What types of Escape Rooms are there?

Escape Rooms are incredibly varied, but each one has 10 to 25 different puzzles to solve, depending on the level of difficulty.

Examples of the Escape Room puzzles you could see are hidden clues, jigsaw puzzles, math or word puzzles, and riddles and ciphers.

All of these puzzles will tie into the legends of the Escape Room you choose, helping to immerse you and your teammates even deeper into the overall story.

2. How much do most Escape Rooms in Georgia cost?

In terms of pricing, most Escape Rooms offer two categories, single tickets or group tickets.

Group options are often for 8-10 people, and typically cost $110-$195. Individual Escape Room prices usually start at $20, but the majority are around $35.

Prices can also vary depending on the day of the week, the time of day, and the room’s difficulty. Note that the cost of the Escape Room often reflects the time and energy invested in creating it!

3. How many different Atlanta escape rooms are there?

There are over 150 escape rooms in Atlanta GA, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Some rooms are based on movies, like the Hellin Motel room at Mind Escapes (based on Psycho). Others are like walking back in time, such as the ’50s theme of Odyssey Escape Games’ Nuketown Diner.

If you enjoy true horror, Big Escape Rooms’ Clown is perfectly chilling. No matter what you like, there’s a spooky Georgia escape room for you!  -by Kaitlyn Miller, with additional reporting by Chloe Burgette


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