Exploring The 17 Best Asheville NC Breweries

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[Updated August 20, 2022] For people visiting the North Carolina mountains (or for those simply seeking out great beer), the number of quality breweries in Asheville NC is astonishing.

The burgeoning mountain metropolis has been noteworthy in the US craft brewing scene since the 1990s. But after Sierra Nevada set up shop in nearby Mills River NC, Asheville exploded with specialty kegs.

Nowadays, it’s not a matter of finding an Asheville brewery to visit—the city actually has an entire brewery district, South Slope—but choosing which ones are best.

We created our Best Asheville Breweries list with an eye towards the established brewhouses and taprooms that have helped to make Asheville the “Beer City” of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

All of these Asheville breweries are within city limits (or very close by), unlike the beloved Sierra Nevada Brewery (which is totally worth the 30-minute trip, but not technically located in the city).

Whether you’re seeking full-blown brewery tours, just stopping by for a pint, or savoring a good meal to complement your flight of beers, these 17 breweries in Downtown Asheville (see Asheville Brewery Map below) are sure to tantalize your taste buds and put a sudsy smile on your face.

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Black Walnut B&B Inn -Romantic 1899 B&B in Montford, 2 pet-friendly rooms.

GLō Best Western Asheville Tunnel Road -Affordable new chic hotel.

Hampton Inn & Suites-Biltmore Village -Affordable pet-friendly.

Cambria Hotel Downtown Asheville -Mountain View, great location.

The Windsor – Asheville – Boutique hotel w/ full kitchen & washer/dryer.

Guide to Asheville NC Breweries

  1. All Seven’s Brewing
  2. Archetype Brewing
  3. Asheville Brewing Company
  4. Bhramari Brewing Company
  5. Burial Beer Co.
  6. Catawba Brewing Company
  7. Eurisko Beer Company
  8. Ginger’s Revenge
  9. Green Man Brewery
  10. Highland Brewing Company
  11. Hillman Beer
  12. Hi-Wire Brewing
  13. New Belgium Brewing
  14. Thirsty Monk Pub and Brewery
  15. Twin Leaf Brewery
  16. Wedge Brewing Company
  17. Wicked Weed Brewing

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Asheville breweries with food - All Sevens Brewing
All Sevens Brewing via Facebook

1. All Seven’s Brewing

777 Haywood Road • 828-225-9782

Official Website

Located in West Asheville, which features heavily on the map of Asheville’s breweries, All Seven’s Brewing is derived from Westville Pub.

Dirk Hillegass, the head brewer, worked for a long while as a brewer for Highland Brewing, the original craft beer of Asheville, before taking this new project on.

All Seven’s goes for simple and fresh, with consistency being the priority, and Westville Pub prides itself on being a neighborhood establishment for all.

All Seven’s Brewing Tours

All Seven’s Brewing does not currently offer tours, but there is a brewery side (All Seven’s) and restaurant side (Westville Pub) to enjoy.

Best All Seven’s Brews

Forget about fruits and funky flavors in these beers. All Seven’s goes for the real deal, straight-up beer. Not even quirky names!

Their six flagship beers are golden, amber, pale ale, ESB, porter, and IPA. Seasonal brews include London stout, blonde ale, Bavarian Dunkel, and hefeweizen.

Westville Pub Menu

As the name suggests, Westville Pub specializes in pub food, but the menu does introduce some new items to the pub setting.

For example, while the standard fried fare is there, French fries and chicken wings, they also offer fried pickles, fried okra, and sweet potato wedges.

In terms of meals, there are lots of kicked-up sandwiches like the West Side Philly (cheesesteak), Katsu Pork Sammy, and a Darn Good Rueben.

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North Carolina breweries - Archetype Brewing
Archetype Brewing via Facebook

2. Archetype Brewing

265 Haywood Drive • 828-505-4177

Official Website

Archetype Brewing start in 2016 as part of the developing East-West Corridor in West Asheville, and it began with the mission of creating unique beers to showcase local ingredients.

The first, and still primary, brewery/taproom was so successful that Brad and Corina Casanova opened a second in North Asheville (174 Broadway Street).

The brewers at Archetype do a mixed fermentation method, using two types of yeast, to give their beers more complexity.

Archetype Brewing Tours

Tours are not offered at Archetype, but the original West Asheville production facility can be visited and the ten-barrel brewhouse seen in all its glory.

Best Archetype Brews

Archetype uses Belgian brewing techniques to produce an array of beers, with five core beers that are always fresh and available.

Commitment Phobia is the flagship IPA, Cowboy Poet is the core lager, Talking to Plants is witbier, Unruly Mystic is a coffee porter, and Original Blonde rounds out the core collection.

They also have 10-plus rotational core beers, nearly a dozen seasonal beers, as well as small-batch and barrel-aged choices.

Archetype Menu

Archetype taprooms don’t have restaurants, but patrons are invited to bring in their own food.

The West Asheville location is in a building with restaurants that deliver or offer take-out. Gan Shan will deliver Asian fare to your table in Archetype, and Pizza Mind and Owl Bakery are right next door for convenient take-out.

The downtown (North Asheville) taproom has pre-made snacks available.

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Best Breweries in Asheville - Asheville Brewing Company
Photo courtesy of Asheville Brewing Company

3. Asheville Brewing Company

77 Coxe Avenue • 828-255-4077

Official Website

Asheville Brewing Company has been around since 1998, providing over two decades of quality craft beers to local residents.

ABC actually has three Asheville taprooms. The one listed above is in the South Slope Brewery District, but they also have North (675 Merrimon Ave) and South Asheville (1850 Hendersonville Rd Suite A) locations.

Asheville Brewing Company also offers legendary pizzas, which are served at each location.

Asheville Brewing Company Tours

For tours of Asheville Brewing Company, visitors should go to the downtown location (Coxe Ave).

There are no set times, and the equipment is behind the scenes. However, interested parties can get a little behind-the-scenes action if they politely ask for a tour.

Best Asheville Brewing Company Brews

Asheville Brewing Company beers lean to the hoppy side: 828 Pale Ale, Fire Escape Jalapeño Pale Ale, Perfect Day IPA, and Shiva IPA are my personal favorites.

For a sampling of other year-round brews, go for the Ninja Porter, Rocket Girl Lager, and Space Dog American Wheat Ale. ABC also offers seasonal brews and brewpub exclusives.

Asheville Brewing Company Menu

What goes better with good beer than good pizza? If you’re going to eat at ABC, you’ll definitely want to sample the pies.

Their pizzas have unique pizzazz, such as a coconut crust with pesto base and curry toppings, or hot and spicy fried chicken pizza with pimento cheese and crumbled bacon.

Vegan options are also available (using Daiya cheese), and there are burgers and other nibble-friendly gastropub foods, too.

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Bhramari Brewing Co in Asheville NC
Photo via Bhramari Brewing Co. (@bhramari_brewingco)

4. Bhramari Brewing Company

101 S. Lexington Ave • 828-214-7981

Official Website

Originally known as “Hive Mind” beers, Bhramari Brewing Company likes to get experimental with their beers.

They are offer some sour beers, as well as plenty of fruits and spices in flavored selections.

Unlike most breweries, Bhramari also offers specialty cocktails, and the food here goes out of its way to impress.

Bhramari Brewing Company Tours

No tours are available, but the brewery, taproom, and restaurant are all in the same location.

Best Bhramari Brews 

Bhramari beers have unique names and flavors. Some of the stalwarts on the menu are Neon Ghosts (a New England IPA), The Good Fight (Sour Pale Ale), and Lorelai (Hazy IPA).

To get a little more adventurous with flavors, Missed the Train to Mars is a Munich rye lager with autumn spices, and Skullkill the Bloodbringer is Berliner wiesse with raspberry, lemongrass, and vanilla notes.

Bhramari Menu

When it comes to the food at Bhramari, think of designer gastropub fare.

Sloppy Joes with mint chutney and yogurt are miles away from your childhood Manwich memories.

Braised ribeye sandwiches with shiitakes and olive tapenade, and Korean BBQ chicken sandwich with creamy peanut butter and spicy pickles are amongst the best dishes.

Smaller “bites” include pickled eggs with herb aioli, barbecue pork nachos, and Cajun spiced boiled peanuts.

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Breweries in North Carolina - Burial Beer
Photo courtesy of Burial Beer

5. Burial Beer Co.

40 Collier Ave • 828-475-2739

Official Website

With its small-batch, family-friendly vibe, Burial Brewing Company immediately embraced the Asheville community feel.

They made their home on the South Slope long before it became the Asheville brewery district.

They brew manually– as in stirring by hand rather than with machinery– and like to resurrect old European styles and imbue them with modern tastes.

Burial Brewing Company Tours

While no tours of the facilitates are offered, Burial’s Downtown Asheville location (there’s also one in Raleigh and a second in Asheville) has a visible 10-barrel system fed by the production facility.

Best Burial Brews

Burial plays a lot in the IPA (End of Plagues) and Imperial Stout (Deliver Us to Evil) genres of beer-making. They offer a double (Delusion Deformities) and triple (Not a Thing Left to Say) IPA, as well as a double-barrel-aged stout (Houtenhamer).

Otherwise, the names say it all: Death and the Miser is Wine Barrel-Aged Red Sour Ale with Balaton and Black Cherries, while the Old Black Hen Dark Sour Ale uses Montepulciano Grapes.

Burial Menu

The menu at Burial does an Asheville-inspired take on pub food, with a few finger foods like boiled peanuts, Cajun pork rinds, baby turnips, and fig toast.

For main courses, all their fancy sandwiches—herb-roasted mushroom, trout katsu, or smoked brisket—come with hand-cut French fries or a side salad.

For a fancier meal, they have a second Asheville location (10 Shady Oak Dr.) that serves by reservation only.

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Best Breweries in Asheville - Catawba
Photo courtesy of Catawba Brewing Company

6. Catawba Brewing Company

32 Banks Ave • 828-552-3934

Official Website

Named after the nearby Catawba River (home to Catawba Falls), the Catawba Brewing Company was founded in Morganton NC by brothers Billy and Scott Pyatt.

The company was born after the Pyatts hauled used equipment to the state of North Carolina from a bankrupt brewery in Colorado.

In the years since, they’ve updated their equipment and grown the production facility. They also opened two smaller brewhouses in Asheville, one in South Slope and another in Biltmore Village.

Catawba Brewing Company Tours

None of the Catawba Brewing locations currently offer tours.

Best Catawba Brews

Flagship beers for Catawba start with White Zombie, a Belgian wheat with hints of orange and coriander.

Other mainstays are Clear Ridge, an IPA; Evening Joe, a coffee blond; Farmer Ted’s, a golden ale; and Brown Bear, a brown ale.

They also have interesting limited release and specialty beers, such as Honey Comb (“Honey Nut Breakfast Stout”), Coconut Porter, and Peach of Mind (Peach Farmhouse Ale).

Catawba Menu

The Catawba Brewery tasting rooms don’t have restaurants, but they are routinely serviced by various local food trucks.

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Best Asheville Breweries - Eurisko Beer Company
Eurisko Beer Company via Facebook

7. Eurisko Beer Company

255 Short Coxe Ave • 828-774-5055

Official Website

For this brewery, it’s all about the taproom. Eurisko Beer Company is in on the South Slope in downtown Asheville.

The Eurisko M.O. is to work with traditional types of beer and play with modern brewing techniques to get the most out of them.

The brewery has outdoor seating, an upstairs taproom, and a downstairs lounge area to go with all that beer.

Eurisko Beer Company Tours

Eurisko Beer Company does not currently offer tours.

Best Eurisko Beer Company Beers

Without a doubt, the folks at Eurisko like to play around and make new flavors for folks to try, but they do have some standby favorites that stay on the menu.

Wrong Side of the River and He Left Us are both hazy IPAs and come highly recommended. There are also a couple of imperial stouts that come in bottles.

There is also just a classic German-style pilsner, Pilz, for those after a beer that tastes like beer.

Eurisko Beer Company Menu

The Eurisko Beery Company tasting room does not have a restaurant. Simple snacks are available.

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North Carolina microbreweries - Ginger's Revenge
Ginger’s Revenge via Facebook

8. Ginger’s Revenge

829 Riverside Drive #100 • 828-505-2462

Official Website

Perhaps stretching the bounds of what breweries in North Carolina can be, Ginger’s Revenge exclusively brews alcoholic ginger beers that warrant a place on this list.

This brewery was founded by a couple, David and Cristina, who spent a year in Panama and fell hard for making ginger beer from the easy-to-get ingredients there.

They returned to the States in 2013 and begin taking their ginger beers to homebrew festivals. They incorporated as Ginger’s Revenge a couple of years later, and opened the doors to a brewery in 2017.

The couple recently opened a 2nd taproom in Asheville’s hip South Slope area, located at 32 Banks Avenue (below Buxton Hall BBQ, one of our favorite restaurants in Asheville). 

Ginger’s Revenge Tours

Tours at Ginger’s Revenge brewery shut down during the height of the COVID pandemic, but they’ve recently got them going again at their Riverside Drive location.

Best Ginger’s Revenge Brews

Ginger’s Revenge claims to use 95% organic ingredients and offers four core flavors of alcoholic ginger beer.

The Original has grapefruit juice, habanero peppers, and spices. Lime agave explains itself, as does hibiscus lavender. Cranberry herb combines cranberry juice, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

The taproom keeps eight different ginger beers on the go, so there is lots more fun to have when visiting.

Ginger’s Revenge Menu

Ginger’s Revenge does not have a restaurant. The taproom offers a variety of snacks, e.g. popcorn, chips, and beef jerky. Food trucks do often set up on the weekends.

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Asheville brew and view - Green Man Brewery
Photo courtesy of Green Man Brewery

9. Green Man Brewery

27 Buxton Ave • 828-252-5502

Official Website

Brewing in Asheville since 1997, Green Man Brewery is one of the city’s many homegrown success stories.

By 2010, the brand had grown to such prominence that its distributional reach stretched throughout the Southeast– down to Florida, north to Virginia, and west to Tennessee.

Green Man makes fantastic traditional ales and dips a toe into specialty markets as well.

Green Man Brewery Tours

Full Green Man Brewery tours aren’t currently available, but visiting their “Greenmansion” is really just as good.

The 3-story building has a packaging hall and gift shop on the first floor, an employees-only production space on the second, and an indoor-outdoor third floor tasting room that offers awesome overviews of the production space.

Best Green Man Brews

Sticking to the basics of the various Green Man brews, the ESB, Wayfarer IPA, and Rainmaker Double IPA are top choices for newbies.

Tart Berry Berliner Weiss is a fine offering for fruit junkies, Green Man Lager is for those in search of the “lightest” beer, and Trickster IPA gets tropical.

There are also some great knock-you-down stouts (10%) and sours on the rarities list.

 Green Man Menu

The brewery began offering their “Green Man Eats” menu in August 2022. It includes gastropub fare such as Burgers, Po’boys, “Proper” Fish & Chips, Bavarian Pretzels, and more. 

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Highland Brewery
The Beer Line-Up in Full Color

10. Highland Brewing Company

12 Old Charlotte Highway, Suite 200 • 828-299-3370

Official Website

Highland Brewing Company owns the honor of being the first Asheville brewery. It was originally established in 1994 by a retired engineer, using retrofitted dairy equipment.

Today Highland has a beautiful production facility in East Asheville, equipped with a tasting room that offers live music and has the capacity to brew 60,000 barrels of beer a year.

Highland is the largest native regional brewer in Asheville, as well as the fifth largest female-led brewery in the nation.

Highland Brewing Company Tours

Highland Brewery tours are available every day, and last around 45 minutes. A beer tasting concludes the tour as well.

Best Highland Brews

Highland has several flagship beers, as well as seasonal brews and limited release choices.

Gaelic Ale is a run-of-the-mill brew with craft quality. Daycation is the easy-drinking IPA. The AVL IPA provides some nice tropical notes, while Starchaser White offers a highly drinkable Belgian Wheat variation.

Their Black Mocha Stout and Oatmeal Porter are like liquid meals, well-suited for winter days.

Highland Menu

Highland Brewery doesn’t have a restaurant, but local food trucks set up shop daily right outside the tasting room. Patrons can also bring their food inside to eat.

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Best Breweries in Asheville - Hillman Beer
Photo courtesy of Hillman Beer Co.

11. Hillman Beer

25 Sweeten Creek Rd • 828-505-1312

Official Website

A small, family-run business, Hillman Beer is owned by brothers Brad and Greig Hillman, alongside Greig’s wife Brandi.

Their goal is to maintain the classic pub feeling beloved within the craft beer scene. They’re providing that in Asheville’s Biltmore Village as well as the nearby town of Old Fort.

Hillman Beer Tours

Hillman doesn’t offer any brewery tours.

Best Hillman Brews

Hillman beers often lean on a strong European influence.

Kölsch, Schwarzbier (Black Lager), and Dingaüdamnit (Dunklewiezen) all suggest traditional German flavors. The BPA (Belgian Pale Ale), New Tradition (Belgian Hop Amber), and Belgian Golden Strong each touch on Belgium’s influence.

At the prestigious Great American Beer Festival, Hillman’s ESB received a Silver Medal in 2018 and a Gold Medal in 2019.

Hillman Menu

In keeping with the pub atmosphere, Hillman’s does have some hearty food fare.

The soft pretzels with whole grain mustard feel perfect next to the German and Belgian brews. There’s also a pimento cheese dip with pretzels for those seeking Appalachian flavors.

Their main courses are mostly meaty sandwiches—the Pig Missile, Patty Melt, Reuben, etc. There are also some vegetarian- and vegan-friendly options, like the grilled cheese on sourdough and tempeh Reuben.

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Best Breweries in Asheville - Hi-Wire
Photo courtesy of Hi-Wire Brewing

12. Hi-Wire Brewing

197 Hillard Ave • 828-738-2448

Official Website

Hi-Wire Brewing has 3 locations, including a tasting room and specialty brewery in South Slope and a taproom and production brewery in the Biltmore Village (2A Huntsman Pl).

Hi-Wire is serious about craft beer, but takes it easy on the uppity attitude. There’s a big top circus theme running through the brew names, and a light-heartedness in the flavoring.

Hi-Wire Brewing Tours

Hi-Wire brewery tours in Asheville are only offered at the 27,000 square-foot Biltmore Village location.

They last about 30 minutes, and come under the general admission fee of $5. Visitors get to drink delightful craft beers right beside the tanks in which they are created.

Best Hi-Wire Brews

Hi-Wire has several standard flagship beers, including the Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA, Hi-Wire American Lager, Lo-Pitch Hazy IPA, and Bed of Nails Brown Ale.

Their seasonal and specialty collections can get really creative, with flavors such as S’mores Porter, German Chocolate Cupcake 10W-40 Imperial Stout, and Raspberry Wheat Wine.

They also have a fleet of sour and wild ales well worth sampling.

Hi-Wire Menu

Hi-Wire’s tasting rooms don’t have any food options at this time.

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Best Breweries in Asheville - Asheville Brewing Company - New Belgium
Photo courtesy of New Belgium Brewing

13. New Belgium Brewing

21 Craven St. • 888-NBB-4044

Official Website

Inspired by their bike trip through Belgium in 1988, Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch decided to bring Belgian-style beers to the USA.

By 1991, they’d installed brewing equipment in their basement in Fort Collins, Colorado, and established New Belgium Brewing’s core values.

From the outset, the company was focused on creating social and environmental change in the industry. So it seemed a perfect fit for the brand when the New Belgium Asheville Brewery opened in 2016.

New Belgium Brewing Tours

New Belgium Brewery tours run on a daily basis, but it’s always a good idea to call ahead to verify that there is space at the time you plan to visit.

Best New Belgium Brews

New Belgium’s flagship beer is one of the first it produced– an amber ale called Fat Tire. It’s truly delicious, but there are plenty of other quality brews to try as well.

They have an amazing series of “Voodoo Ranger” IPAs, including several hazy selections, such as Juicy Haze, Higher Plane, Captain Dynamite, and American Haze.

For those who enjoy sour and wild ales, there is a “wood cellar” full of them.

New Belgium Menu

New Belgium in Asheville doesn’t have a restaurant on site, but local food trucks change daily.

Patrons are also invited to bring their own food, so you can have fine beers with some real home-cooking (or sandwiches, if you prefer).

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Best Asheville Breweries - Thirsty Monk
Thirsty Monk via Facebook

14. Thirsty Monk Pub & Brewery

92 Patton Avenue • 828-254-5470

Official Website

Thirsty Monk has three locations in Asheville, including the address listed above as well as Biltmore Park (2 Town Square Blvd #170) and Gerber Village (20 Gala Drive, Suite 101).

In addition to an extensive beer selection, Thirsty Monk makes hard seltzer water (Holy Water) and specialty cocktails.

The Patton Avenue location has three floors of fun: The Downtown Brewery, Delirium Bar, and Top of the Monk.

Thirsty Monk Brewery Tours

None of the Thirsty Monk locations currently offer tours.

Best Thirsty Monk Brews

The Monk brewery downtown keeps a rotating line of twenty taps going, with a selection of both beer and hard seltzer available.

The classic Thirsty Monk Brews include Abby Blonde Ale (“hints of banana and clove”, Brother Noah Chocolate Stout (has cacao powder and cacao nibs), and Hazy IPA (“layers of pineapple and stone fruits”).

Holy waters have lots of fun flavors like juniper, spruce & lime; apple, cinnamon & nutmeg; and lavender & lemon.

Thirsty Monk Menu

At the time of writing, none of the Thirsty Monk locations were serving food due to staffing issues.

However, the Biltmore location normally has funky finger foods like a pint of bacon, chicharrones, roasted cauliflower, and soft pretzels. They also serve burgers, brats, and fish and chips.

And the Gerber Village spot is actually called Holy Water Hard Seltzer Brew Pub and Sushi, which seems self-explanatory.

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Best Breweries in Asheville - Twin Leaf
Photo courtesy of Twin Leaf Brewery

15. Twin Leaf Brewery

144 Coxe Ave • 828-774-5000

Official Websitee

Opened in 2014, the Twin Leaf Brewery is small and has a less showy selection of beers than other Asheville breweries on this list.

But we appreciate the fact that the brewery is keen on community outreach and doing good deeds, as well as crafting good beer.

Twin Leaf Brewery Tours

Twin Leaf doesn’t offer brewery tours at this time.

Best Twin Leaf Brews

Twin Leaf offers numerous beers on tap, as well as in bottles and cans.

Leafer is an American IPA with a tinge of citrus, fruit, and pine. There is also a Rosemary IPA, a “Juicy Fruit” IPA, and a straight-up Pilsner Bier.

Bill For the Berry is a sour made from berries grown in the beer garden. Magic Hour is a kettle-soured, salty wheat ale that won a Gold Medal in the US Open Championship.

Mass extinction is a high-content imperial stout that’s aged in bourbon barrels.

Twin Leaf Menu

There are various packaged snacks for nibbles, but it’s also acceptable to bring in your own take-out from local restaurants.

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Best Breweries in Asheville - Wedge
Photo courtesry of Wedge Brewing Company

16. Wedge Brewing Company

37 Paynes Way, Suite 001 • 828-505-2792

Official Website

Wedge Brewing Company calls itself a neighborhood brewery, offering two locations in Asheville’s River Arts District.

Wedge at Wedge Studios was founded in 2008 by local metal artist John Payne, who leased the remaining studio spaces to 20-plus Asheville artists.

Wedge at Foundation, which boasts a brewery and tasting room, became the second location in 2017. It’s inside a historical building originally constructed to be a leather tannery in 1898.

Wedge Brewing Company Tours

Wedge doesn’t offer brewery tours at this time.

Best Wedge Brews

Wedge has a strong list of distinctive, though not overly experimental beers. Most noteworthy is Payne’s Pale Ale, which uses the same cascade hops as Sierra Nevada.

Derailed Hemp Ale is a brown ale that features 150 pounds of toasted hemp seeds. Sake lager is a unique brew, with Jasmine rice, Thai basil, and Kefir lime adding to the flavor palette.

There are also German brews like Export Lager and Munich Dunkel.

Wedge Menu

Local food trucks (including Grey Eagle Taqueria, Som Tum Pok Pok, El Kimchi, and Tin Can Pizza) have a regular schedule at both Wedge locations.

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Patio at Wicked Weed Brewing in Asheville NC
Photo by Bret Love & Mary Gabbett

17. Wicked Weed Brewing

91 Biltmore Ave • 828-575-9599

Official Website

Wicked Weed Brewing is the collaboration of two families, the Dickinsons and the Guthys, who opened the doors to the Wicked Weed brewpub in Asheville in 2012.

By 2014, the success of Wicked Weed’s sour blends led them to build a new, larger location, known as the Funkatorium.

Before long, distribution spread to Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania. Wicked Weed grew so much that it partnered with the Anheuser-Busch craft beer collection.

Wicked Weed Brewing Tours

Wicked Weed Asheville has four free daily tours of their 15-barrel brewery, which comes with a commemorative glass, beer, and discount at the bottle shop. Sign-up must be done in person.

There’s also an extensive 3-hour “Maker’s Tour” that takes visitors around Downtown Asheville to meet some of Wicked Weed’s brewing partners.

Best Wicked Weed Beers

Wicked Weed has some supermarket classics that warrant tasting. Appalachia, Astronomical (hazy), Freak of Nature (double), and Pernicious are the headliners in their IPA collection.

For those who don’t like hoppy beers, Uncle Rick’s Pilsner and Smashville Golden Ale might fit a bit better. There are also several farmhouse brews and delicious sours.

Wicked Weed Menu

Wicked Weed’s original Biltmore location still very much keeps in touch with its brewpub roots.

They offer up beer-friendly bites such as soft pretzels, boiled peanuts, marinated olives, and house-made chips.

They also raise the culinary stakes a bit with dishes like candied Brussels sprouts and smoked sunburst trout with grilled naan.

For main courses, there are quality burgers—bison, Beyond, or grass-fed beef—and sandwiches like buttermilk fried chicken or roasted Portobello with red pepper aioli. –Jonathon Engels

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