10 Best Haunted Houses in Virginia for Halloween

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I truly love October in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
It’s when Autumn temperatures cool things down, the amazing Fall foliage gets into full swing, and I excitedly pick out the perfect pumpkin for carving a jack-o-lantern.
As a fan of horror and the supernatural, this is also when we start watching our favorite scary Halloween movies. 
If you like your Autumn frights to be a little more tangible than merely watching it on a screen, consider visiting some of the many haunted attractions in VA. 
Halloween haunted houses are a great way to get into the spooky “spirit” of the season. And if you love to have your spine tingled, there are tons of Virginia haunted houses that will definitely satisfy your jump-scare cravings!
Read on for our in-depth guide to the scariest haunted houses in Virginia to visit for Halloween, including options in Southwest Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley, Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Virginia Beach.

Best Haunted Houses in Virginia Guide

(Arranged alphabetically)

  1. American Fright Night (Quicksburg VA)
  2. Blue Ridge Nightmares (Roanoke VA)
  3. Creepy Hollow Scream Park (Glen Allen VA)
  4. Haunted Temple (Norfolk VA)
  5. Helheim Haunted Attraction (Wytheville VA)
  6. Hexed Haunted Attraction (Elliston VA)
  7. Red Vein Haunted House (Ashland VA)
  8. Terror Manor (Roanoke VA)
  9. Terror Woods (Chesapeake VA)
  10. The Warehouse (Weber City VA)

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Haunted attractions in VA
Photo courtesy of Shenandoah Caverns

261 Caverns Rd, Quicksburg VA540-477-3115

Official Website

For just three weekends in October, Shenandoah Caverns in Virginia hosts American Fright Night.

Starting October 13, the 40,000 sq ft space of The American Celebration on Parade Museum is transformed into a place where you’ll find your deepest fears brought to life! 

Imagine giant parade floats in the dark, with ghosts and ghouls hiding behind every corner.

Towering figures loom over you in some of the creepiest themed areas imaginable, including Clown Town, Creepy Christmas, Patriotic Chaos, Jungle, Graveyard, and a straight-up Haunted House

Guests should be ready for loud, blood-curdling noises, strobe lights, unsettling surprises, and lots more. 

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Haunted houses for Halloween in Virginia
Photo courtesy of Blue Ridge Nightmares

2. Blue Ridge Nightmares

Inside Roanoke Industrial Center 1910 9th Street SE, Roanoke VA • 540-224-1200

Official Website

If you want to experience the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in true Halloween horror style, check out the Blue Ridge Nightmares in Roanoke

Enter (if you dare) this artistic, ever-so-detailed haunted house in Roanoke’s Industrial Center on weekends in October.

This is a truly theatrical experience, created by Hollywood Creative Director and Special FX Master Anthony Giordano. So visitors are warned to expect the unexpected!

If you want a fun, not-so-scary experience the whole family can enjoy, you can take a behind-the-scenes tour of the 60,000 sq ft building (which is filled with antiques and other curiosities) with the lights on.

There will also be a little trick-or-treating offered at this haunted Halloween house. 

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Halloween attraction in VA
Photo courtesy of Creepy Hallow Scream Park

3. Creepy Hollow Scream Park

14437 Stone Horse Creek Road, Glen Allen VA • 804-346-3327

Official Website

It’s not a traditional haunted house, but rather a whole horror experience. Visitors are led to the edge of the Scream Forest, where they wander along a haunted trail encountering all the creepy creatures of the night. 
Once you’ve made it through the woods, you can take a break by the bonfire and enjoy some tasty treats.
If your jangled nerves can handle it, check out the Phobia X trail, where you can brave the Stone Horse Creek Sanitarium or take your chances in a maze filled with crazy clowns. 

7001 Granby St, Norfolk VA • 757-423-8866

Official Website

There are a few options for Haunted Houses in VA Beach, but the Haunted Temple has to be one of the most chilling.

For the last three weekends in October, folks can seek out thrills and chills at the Haunted Temple in Norfolk VA.

Folks certainly get what they came for with this haunted house in VA experience. There are live actors, animatronics, lights, and terrifying sounds.

Guests make their way through a maze riddled with horrifying clowns, as well as brave their new “Infected Room,” which was added for the Halloween attraction’s 2023 expansion.

In our experience, this has to be considered one of the top haunted houses near Virginia Beach!

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haunted houses in Virginia
Photo courtesy of Helheim Haunted Attraction

5. Helheim Haunted Attraction

3081 Chapman Road, Wytheville VA • 276-239-2666

Official Website

The Helheim Haunted Attraction is the newest of its kind in Southwest Virginia.

“Putting the Evil in Wytheville,” this Virginia haunted house is open on Fridays and Saturdays starting September 22. But the owners have hinted that this will be their last haunt ever, so don’t miss out!

While you wait to go inside, you’ll find outside entertainment and even the odd horrific creature waiting to pounce on unsuspecting guests.

Once you enter this haunted house, be prepared to see demons, devils, and creatures beyond your wildest nightmares, all doing their best to scare the bejeezus out of you. 

If you like loud rock or heavy metal music, this might be the perfect place for you. The dark, cacophonous blares intensely as you make your way through what some folks consider the scariest haunted house in Virginia

Hexed Haunted Attraction - haunted attractions in Virginia
Photo courtesy of DeathtoFalseHorror aka Hexed Haunted Attraction

6. Hexed Haunted Attraction

2059 Burkette Rd, Elliston VA • 540-998-3327

Official Website

In the list of haunted houses for Halloween, Hexed Haunted Attraction is a must-see for thrill seekers located just 15 minutes from Roanoke VA.

Thought to be one of Southwest Virginia’s scariest of haunts, this place is filled with the stuff of nightmares, and it’s open every weekend in October.

“The summoning” has begun, and you are the missing piece. A coven of witches needs you and your friends to complete their ritual.

This VA haunted house attraction is filled with cackling, screams, and talented live actors. There aren’t any age restrictions, but parents need to use their own discretion to decide if their kids can handle the haunt.

There’s also a terrifying “Ultimate Experience” that is rated for visitors ages 18 and up only! 

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Virginia haunted houses - Red Vein
Photo courtesy of redveinhaunt.com

7. Red Vein Haunted House

13580 Ashland Rd, Ashland VA • 423-800-0566

Official Website

Open every weekend in October and on Halloween night, the Red Vein Haunted House is widely regarded as one of the best haunted houses in Virginia.

It’s worth checking out their website to read the whole legend and timeline of the horrifying past events that have led up to the terrifying experience you’ll have there. 

There are also several different haunted Virginia attractions on the property, including the Asylum, which is filled with “highly detailed scenes and intense scares.”

There’s also a huge corn maze with horror lurking around every corner,  and Witch’s Wood is another terror-filled maze.

Finally, there’s the main attraction, The Haunted House, which boasts over 40 scenes, special effects, and general horror in seemingly every direction you turn.

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scariest haunted houses in Virginia
Photo courtesy of terrormanor.com

8. Terror Manor

805 Norfolk Avenue Southwest, Roanoke VA 540-400-7111

Official Website

This haunted house in Roanoke VA, is celebrating “Five Years of Fear” this year, and it’s safe to say that things haven’t gotten any less scary over the years.

Promising to be even bigger and scarier than ever before, Terror Manor is open from Sept 22 to Nov 4, 2023. They warn that this might not be the best experience for younger children, as this is no-holds-barred terror.

Terror Manor has 40 fright-filled rooms, with live actors hiding in the darkness, animatronics, weird smells, and deafening screams. Note that visitors to this attraction might even get a little wet!

There’s typically a wait time of about 30 minutes to an hour to get into Terror Manor. But they have a cool outdoor space where you can sit and wait, while enjoying live music at the weekends.

This fantastic haunted house is also ADA-compliant. 

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haunted attractions in VA - Terror Woods
Photo courtesy of Great Bridge Pumpkin Patch

9. Terror Woods

900 N Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake VA • 757-971-3413

Official Website

Easily ranking as one of the biggest and scariest haunted house attractions in VA, Terror Woods promises to be a hotbed of horror this Halloween.

The attraction is open from 7:30 PM-10:30 PM on Oct 13, 14, 20, and 22, and from 7PM-10:30PM on Oct 25-31.

Terror Woods is a walk-through haunted attraction that takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, and it’s filled with horror around every corner. 

There are live actors and animatronics ready to freak you out pretty much whichever way you look. 

The Great Bridge Pumpkin Patch is hosting this annual Halloween attraction, so there’s also a big pumpkin patch and a Fall-themed play area for those seeking less frightening forms of entertainment. 

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Halloween haunted houses in VA
Photo courtesy of hauntedbewarehouse.com

10. The Warehouse

313 Legion Street, Weber City VA • 276-275-9733

Official Website

Head over to The Warehouse in Weber City this Halloween for the ultimate Virginia haunted house experience.

Located in Southwest Virginia near the Tennessee border, they’ve been going strong since 2016, and this year’s haunt will be no less horrifying.

There are live actors ready (and eager) to scare you out of your wits. Note that adults are not encouraged to bring kids to The Warehouse, but if they do, they do so at their own discretion. 

For their 2023 season, The Warehouse presents Psychosis, “where one’s thoughts and emotions are so affected by their surroundings that all contact is lost with reality.”

Delusions and hallucinations are strongly encouraged! -by Emma Gallagher; featured image via Canva


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