The 15 Best Haunted Houses in Georgia to Visit

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With its endless assortment of majestic mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, trout-filled rivers, and forests filled with flora and fauna, the state of Georgia can be a breathtakingly beautiful place. 

But once the seasons change and the chilly winds of autumn come rolling in, the woods outside metro Atlanta can begin to take on an eerie air. 

As the fall colors in Georgia begin to turn, the sounds of crinkling leaves and wind rushing through the trees can turn places of beauty into something mysterious and spooky. 

If you’re the sort of person who simply can’t wait for Halloween and pumpkin spice season, there are an array of fantastic haunted houses in Georgia that are sure to give you a fun-filled fright night. 

From the truly horrifying Netherworld Haunted House (our pick for the scariest haunted house in Georgia) to more moderate attractions like a Stranger Things-themed escape room and a haunted corn maze, there are options for just about every level of scare tolerance.

Read on for our guide to the best haunted houses in Georgia, including haunted houses in Atlanta, Athens, North Georgia, Savannah and beyond!

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Haunted Houses in Georgia Guide

  1. Containment Haunted House (Lithia Springs)
  2. Fear the Woods (Stockbridge)
  3. Netherworld Haunted House (Stone Mountain)
  4. Nightmare’s Gate (Douglasville)
  5. 13 Stories Haunted House (Newnan)
  6. Fearopolis (Commerce)
  7. House of Four Scythes (Cumming)
  8. Paranoia Haunted House (Canton)
  9. Wicked South Lot 13 Haunted House (Pembrooke)
  10. Buford Corn Maze & Haunted Forest (Buford)
  11. The Dark Rows Haunted Trails at Uncle Shuck’s (Dawsonville)
  12. Escape Woods (Powder Springs)
  13. Hatchet Hills Haunted Trail (Kingston)
  14. Haunted Hills Farm (Jasper)
  15. Zombie Farms (Winterville)

Haunted Houses in/near Atlanta GA

Containment Haunted House in GA
Photo courtesy of Containment Haunted House

1. Containment Haunted House

1320 Blairs Ridge Rd, Lithia Springs GA • 770-765-5334

Official Website

Located in Lithia Springs GA, Containment Haunted House is one of those old-school haunted houses that aims to hit every possible genre of horror.

Just 15 minutes from downtown on I-20 (near Six Flags), Containment gets its name from the 26 shipping containers that make up the unique Atlanta attraction’s structure.

The Atlanta haunted house features new scenes every year, with live actors, paranormal artifacts, and classic horror themes. In 2021, Containment was plagued with mysterious beings from another realm.

Considered one of the top-rated haunted houses in Georgia, this attraction is a must-see this Halloween season.

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Fear the Woods Haunted House crew - haunted houses in georgia
Photo courtesy of Fear the Woods

2. Fear the Woods

3565 Highway 155 N, Stockbridge  GA • 770-954-9356

Official Website

Fear the Woods is another one of the scariest haunted houses near Atlanta GA. Located in Stockbridge, the haunted attraction is part of the Yule Forest, one of the largest pumpkin patches in the state.

The GA haunted house is located on the operational farm and features three different bone-chilling attractions– a haunted house, haunted trail, and live-action apocalypse experience.

Guests will get a chance to test their survival skills as they try to stop the spread of a deadly virus.

All 3 attractions have been described as “physically demanding,” featuring terrifying live actors, strobe lights, moving floors, and wet or damp conditions.

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Netherworld Haunted House - scariest haunted house in georgia
Photo courtesy of Netherworld Haunted House

3. Netherworld Haunted House

1313 Netherworld Way, Stone Mountain GA • 404-999-FEAR

Official Website

Now in its 26th year, Netherworld Haunted House is widely considered the best haunted house in Georgia.

Located near Stone Mountain Park (which hosts one of our favorite North Georgia Christmas events), the self-guided walk-through attraction offers two uniquely horrific haunted experiences.

One of the themes for the 2 haunted houses is called CRYPTID CHAOS. The other new theme for 2023 is PRIMORDIAL.

Experience screams from Appalachian Legend of the Mothman in West Virgina to the bloodthirsty Chupacabra, from the shrieking Banshee to the fearsome Yeti with reported sightings deep in the woods.

Netherworld is wheelchair accessible and also features year-round escape room games. Tickets for the 2023 season can be purchased online.

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Nightmare's Gate Haunted House - haunted houses in atlanta georgia
Photo courtesy of Nightmare’s Gate Haunted House

4. Nightmare’s Gate

3931 Longview Drive, Douglasville GA • 404-275-2757

Official Website

The two haunted houses that make up Nightmare’s Gate in Douglasville GA are known for being some of the scariest haunted places in Georgia.

At Terror Falls, your team will venture into the swamp to save a Search & Rescue team that mysteriously went while missing trying to save a group of locals.

Haunted Hospital emanates strange sounds and horrible smells that convince you to explore the abandoned hospital’s secret entrance.

If you’re too scared for the full intensity of the experience, just ask for a blinking pacifier to keep monsters at bay. Kids who wish to participate can also go through with a magic flashing sword that makes monsters instantly afraid!

Nightmare’s Gate is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights during the Halloween season. Note that minimal climbing is required of visitors who choose to explore the attraction. 

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13 Stories Haunted House - haunted ga
Photo courtesy of 13 Stories Haunted House

5. 13 Stories Haunted House

320 Temple Avenue, Newnan GA • 770-251-9911

Official Website

13 Stories Haunted House started in 1984 as a small, family-owned haunted house in Newnan GA. But they’ve grown a lot, expanding to a huge 54,000-square-foot location designed to scare anyone who’s brave enough to enter.

Some of their attractions are said to be so scary that waivers must be signed before entry. 

Highlights for Halloween 2023 include the fair-inspired Clown Haus, an asylum-type attraction where all the characters are criminally insane. There’s also a frightfully fun zombie apocalypse scenario.

They also have a special experience for visitors 18 and older that allows guests to pick a weapon and fight their way out.

The 13 Stories Haunted House is not really 13 stories tall. But they do have one of the largest buildings in the industry, and it’s all indoors, so they’ll be able to scare you no matter how bad the weather outside may be. 

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Haunted Houses in North Georgia

Fearopolis Haunted House
Photo courtesy of The Haunt Zone

6. Fearopolis

40155 Hwy 441 S, Commerce GA • 706-335-3866

Official Website

Every year from September 15 to October 31, the Funopolis Family Fun Center is taken over by the Haunt Zone to create Fearopolis, turning the popular place for children’s birthday parties into a house of horror.

Located on Highway 441 in Commerce GA, Fearopolis has a lot to offer this Halloween. The attraction features a haunted house, haunted maze, go-karts, and mini-golf.

Haunted house tickets can be purchased online for $19, while haunted maze tickets can be purchased for $15.

Visitors can also buy a combo ticket, which includes the haunted house and either go-karts or mini golf. With a haunted maze that winds through more than 20 rooms, the haunted house at Fearopolis is truly a must see!

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House of Four Scythes
Photo courtesy of House of Four Scythes

7. House of Four Scythes

235 Castleberry Road, Cumming GA • 678-341-0920

Official Website

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the local community this Halloween, look no further than the House of Four Scythes.

The haunted house is presented by the City of Cumming and run by volunteers, with proceeds benefitting local charities like the Boy Scouts, the American Cancer Society, and more.

The House of Four Scythes is located in Horton Hall in the Cumming Fairgrounds. The event is open for 15 nights (every night the country fair is open) and on special event weekends.

The haunted estate at House of Four Scythes is home to a Specter of Death that visitors will encounter on their trip. Entrance to the haunted house is $20 per person, and $25 on special event weekends.

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Paranoia Haunted House
Photo courtesy of Paranoia Haunted House

8. Paranoia Haunted House

2075 Marietta Highway, Canton GA • 404-387-3203

Official Website

The Paranoia Haunted House in Canton GA is a great option if you’re looking for haunted houses near Marietta.

The creepy attraction is set up like a scientific research facility specializing in cryogenically frozen humans, with doctors looking to add you to the collection!

Tickets for the main haunted house start at $25, but for $35 you can add on a visit to the second, smaller haunted house. Both are wheelchair accessible, and offer staff escorts to access cut-throughs.

Don’t forget to stop for photos with one of the many monsters roaming around the front of the house. But you’ll need to put your phone away before entering, as most haunted houses don’t allow photos or videos inside.

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Haunted Houses in Savannah GA

Wicked South Productions Lot 13 Haunted House - savannah haunted house
Photo courtesy of Wicked South Productions

9. Wicked South Lot 13 Haunted House

3001 Lawrence Church Rd, Pembroke GA • 912-596-7639

Official Website 

Located about 35 miles west of Savannah in the small town of Pembroke, Wicked South Lot 13 Haunted House is one of the many haunted trails in Georgia.

Now entering their fifth season in business, the Wicked South Lot 13 team works for months in advance to bring tin heir spooky characters to life. 

Their “haunted forest” features a variety of different characters, including clowns, ghouls, and monsters with terrifying makeup and prosthetics.

Their 2022 haunting season starts October 7, opening each Friday and Saturday until Halloween. Tickets can be purchased online for $10, which includes a small parking fee. 

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Haunted Corn Mazes, Hayrides & Trails in Georgia

Trail ride at Buford Corn Maze - haunted hayrides in georgia
Photo courtesy of Buford Corn Maze & Trail Ride

 10. Buford Corn Maze & Haunted Forest

4470 Bennett Rd, Buford GA • No Phone 

Official Website

The Buford Corn Maze is best known for being an agritourism destination. But its also home to “the Haunted Forest,” beginning September 23 and opening every weekend until Halloween.

Located less than an hour from Athens and Atlanta, the Buford Corn Maze & Haunted Forest is one of the few fun haunted attractions in Georgia that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

Camp Wyndego is the theme for this year’s attractions, which features zombies, witches, and a giant Wendigo (a horrific creature from Native American mythology). 

If the spooky forest proves too scary, the corn maze and other, more family-friendly attractions are still open. 

Tickets to the haunted forest are $16. If you’d like to see both the corn maze and the forest, combo tickets are $28.

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The Dark Rows Haunted Trail at Uncle Shuck’s Corn Maze
Photo courtesy Uncle Shuck’s

 11. The Dark Rows Haunted Trail at Uncle Shuck’s

125 Bannister Road, Dawsonville GA • 770-772-6223

Official Website

Every year, during the month of October, a portion of Uncle Shuck’s 15-acre corn maze is transformed into The Dark Rows Haunted Trail, one of the most beloved haunted corn mazes in Georgia

These terrifying trails feature no source of light whatsoever. So visitors are forced to rely on the light of the moon to navigate their way through it.

Uncle Shuck’s does not use some of the more common elements found in other haunted attractions, like blood, gore, or extremely violent scenarios.

But their costumed cast members do their best to ensure that wandering lost through a dark corn field is spooky enough!

The Dark Rows Haunted Trail opens October 1st and will stay open each Friday and Saturday night until the 30th. Tickets start at $20 for the trail, but combo tickets that include the corn maze, kiddie maze, bonfire, and wagon rides are just $25.

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Hopper's Cabin at Escape Woods
Photo courtesy of Escape Woods

 12. Escape Woods

628 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Powder Springs GA • 770-880-8846

Official Website 

Escape Woods sits on the 60-acre Sleepy Hollow Farm, which is best known as a Christmas tree farm located just 22 miles west of Atlanta.

They bring a intriguing twist to the usual haunted attractions in Georgia by adding an escape room element. 

There’s a special escape room activity for Stranger Things super fans, using “Hopper’s cabin” from the show.

Several of their other escape rooms are especially frightening, including a post-apocalyptic bunker scenario, a dragon maze, or being hunted through the farm’s dark wilderness.

Escape Woods is open all year long, and they’re open to hosting birthdays and corporate team building events. Prices for each escape activity vary, and can be found on their website.

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Photo via Hatchet Hills Haunted Trail

13. Hatchet Hills Haunted Trail

74 Mulligan Court, Kingston GA • 470-232-4986

Official Website

Hatchet Hills Haunted Trail is changing it up for 2022, with new scenarios that are sure to scare visitors.

Located between Rome and Cartersville GA, this easily ranks among the scariest haunted trails in Georgia. 

The trail is over a mile long, and includes a motley assortment of creepy characters along the way.

Hatchet Hills also has fun events like costume night, where you can dress up for a chance to win some awesome prizes. You can also reserve time slots for axe throwing.

Hatchet Hills is open on weekends in October, and tickets are $20 per person. They also have concessions for food and drinks if you get hungry after hiking the trail.

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haunted hayrides in georgia
Photo via Haunted Hills Farm

14. Haunted Hills Farm

218 Matthews Road, Jasper GA • 770-356-0776

Official Website 

Owned by Halloween fanatic Becky Dobson, the Haunted Hills Farm Trail & Hayride is located about 20 miles south of Ellijay GA. It’s widely regarded as one of the best haunted hayrides in Georgia.

They have three separate haunted experiences, including the hayrides, haunted trail, and a black-light 3D haunt. These haunts are spread across 15 acres of land and last for approximately 45 minutes.

There are special events available for kids, with more friendly costumed characters and fun tours that aren’t scary. For older kids and adults, there are also horror movies, a concession stand for snacks, and bonfires to enjoy.

Scheduling varies starting in September, but more info can be found on their website. Haunted Hills is open every Friday and Saturday night in October. 

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Zombie Farms Haunted Trail
Photo courtesy of Zombie Farms 

15. Zombie Farms

568 Smithonia Road, Winterville GA • No phone

Official Website

Located about 7 miles east of the UGA town, Zombie Farms is nothing like the other haunted houses in Athens GA.

After being in business for a decade, they have fine-tuned their understanding of what will truly scare people and get them shrieking with fright. 

The 3/4-mile Zombie Farms Trail features more than 50 trained actors, with uniquely horrorifying sets scattered throughout. Their theme changes yearly, and in 2022 they plan to send in the Clowns. 

One of the other things that makes Zombie Farms a unique experience is the added entertainment that they have each year. This year will feature a professional storyteller spinning spooky yarns in the age-old Appalachian tradition.

Tickets are available on their website for $25, and they offer military and group discounts as well. -by Amy Lewis & Samantha Dickens; lead image via Canva


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